Cry From The Heart/Facing The Day
by Bob Purvis
produced by Terry Gavagham

This was a charity single for the North of England Children's Cancer Research (released in 1996)
Note: the song Facing The Day is mis-titled as I Can't See The Light

Cry From The Heart (Robert J. Purvis)
Facing The Day (Robert J. Purvis)
Cry From The Heart [instrumental] (Robert J. Purvis)

YouTube video of A-side plus bonus instrumental version

Bob Purvis: "Myself and Terry Gavagham worked on the 3 tracks in his home studio. Terry owned Guardian Music where we recorded Streets At Night. He is a wonderful musician and even though I wrote all the parts for the instrumental, it was Terry who interpreted them as I sang the licks to him. It was a privilege to work with such a talented man."

Cry From The Heart cover (cassette)
Cry From The Heart credits (cassette)

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