By a stand in the park just before dark, I will remember

How we met here before

And that picture still clear in my mind, mm mm mm

I remember you standing

The snow gently branding your shoulders

And that Christmas time feeling

Those bells sound appealing to me, ooh ooh ooh

Something makes me look back

On that crystal white path we used to linger

And the old drinking well

Where we wished nearly all our lives away, mm mm mm

All these things that I do

They remind me of you

And of that moment

As the snow slowly freezing

The season invites me to stay, ooh ooh ooh

Though you exist in my past

In my mind, you're quite real to me

With every snowflake that falls

Brings me closer to you

I'm not alone, I'm with you

I'm at home, I'm with everyone

Everything moves me

The feeling of you next to me

One for your eyes

Two for the smile you never left me

Three little words tell me so much I need to know, mm mm mm

For all it's worth

I still carry your old folded picture

And though it will fade

Shall always remain close to me, ooh ooh ooh

[scat singing (in place of solo)].

1975 Ganga Publishing B.V.

lyrics transcribed by Tom Brennan and Paul Nyman, corrections thanks to Bob Purvis