CITY LADY (Robert J. Purvis and William Elliott)


The air I breathe, the road I ride now

Bobby & Bill:

The mood you're in won't turn me on


I'm trying hard to reach your side now

Bobby & Bill:

I turn around and I find you're gone



Isn't it a pity that the lady in the city can't love me

I can feel you crying but the feeling's slowly dying away, yeah

Making like I move, you wanna believe you're trying to tear me apart


The night, it comes and fills the sky, girl

Bobby & Bill:

Get this feeling deep inside


Was it really worth my while?

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Bobby & Bill:

Should I stay or run and hide?

[repeat CHORUS]

Yeah, hey hey hey hey, tear me apart


Colder than the break of day, girl

But even in your state of mind

Did you really want it this way, girl?

Oh, you're so unkind

[repeat CHORUS]

Oh oh oh

You know you're trying to tear me apart, now

And I like it, yeah yeah yeah

Making like you move me

I believe you're trying to tear me apart...

©1975 Ganga Publishing B.V.

lyrics transcribed by Tom Brennan