Costafine Town/Elly-May
by Splinter
produced by George Harrison

Dark Horse DH 10002
released: November 7, 1974
peaked at #77 on Billboard charts, January 25, 1975

Costafine Town sheet music cover

Costafine Town/Elly-May (U.S.) picture sleeve and record
Elly May (U.S.) picture sleeve and vinyl

Dark Horse AMS 7135
released: November 7, 1974?

Dark Horse AMS 7135
released: September 13, 1974

Melody Maker review, September 21, 1974

peaked at #18 on Melody Maker charts, November 23, 1974

Costafine Town (AMS7135, U.K.) small holeElly-May (AMS7135, U.K.) small hole U.K. label

West Germany
Dark Horse 13607 AT
released: 1974
Costafine Town/Elly-May (13 607 AT), West Germany

Dark Horse 8E 006 96279 G
released: 1974

Costafine Town/Elly-May (Portugal) picture sleeve

South Africa
Dark Horse AMRD.1120
released: 1974
Costafine Town (AMRD.1120), South Africa

Dark Horse KING AM-232
released: 1974
Costafine Town/Elly-May (AM-232), Japan

Dark Horse K5756
released: 1974
Costafine Town (K5756, Australia) small hole labelElly-May (K5756, Australia) small hole label

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