Love Is Not Enough [version 1]/White Shoe Weather
by Splinter
produced by Tom Scott

Dark Horse (Warner-Pioneer Corporation) P-77D
released: November, 1976
Love Is Not Enough (To Stay Alive) [version 1] (3:36)
White Shoe Weather (3:27)

Love Is Not Enough picture sleeve
thanks to Philippe Colinge for picture sleeve scan

Love is Not Enough (To Stay Alive) was submitted to the World Popular Song Festival
(Yamaha Music Festival, also known unofficially as the "Oriental Eurovision")
which was an international song contest, and finished 9th place in the finals in 1976

Bob Purvis: “This song came to me when I was thinking what a nice day it is - it’s a 'white shoe weather' day (as in sandals on)…
It’s sunny. Me and Billy sat in his bedroom - I played him the slow opening, then we both ripped into it.
I had most of the tune but as I was working on that, Billy was firing crazy lyrics at me,
and honestly, we were putting some ridiculous stuff in there. I love this kind of writing.
Billy is the only person I've ever felt comfortable writing with. Billy is a good lyricist - when he's hot, he's hot.”

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