We don't talk much these days

There's miles between us and the things that we say

You've got your friends and I've got mine

You've got your life and so little time

You sit there watching T.V.

And when you speak, you speak politely to me

It's a beautiful face, but nothing inside

So sorry, Love, but I'm a little too tired


Going through the motions of love

Going through the motions of love

How can two people get so out of touch

And keep going through the motions of love?

Two lonely people I know

Lost each other a long time ago

But still they cling to what could be

Afraid to admit what both of them see

repeat CHORUS

You just keep faking what you no longer feel

Such a fine performance, but it's not real

No, it's not real

repeat CHORUS

Going through the motions of love


©1977 Dawnbreaker Music Co.

lyrics transcribed by Tom Brennan