PIGALLE (Robert J. Purvis)

Ladies of Pigalle as they stand in the doorways

Dance to the music that fills up the cafés

Come buy me, come try me

They want to make love every night

Was there where I met her (in) some dim lit alley

A brown-eyed young girl with the look of intention

She saw me, I saw her

For me it was love at first sight


Pigalle, Pigalle

Why not come to Pigalle

You will always find time for a mademoiselle

It's the part of París that'll always stay close to my heart

Pigalle, Pigalle

Oh, what tales you can tell

Of the secrets you keep and the sin that you sell

Behind every door is a story that's waiting to start

Next time you're in Paris and feel like a wonder

Go down to Pigalle for a glance and a ponder

Observe the young ladies that linger outside every night

You need not be rich but you have to have money

A night to remember, may be sad or funny

Some say "c'est la vie"

Here's to you, here's to me, here's to life

repeat CHORUS

[acoustic guitar and accordian solo with "atmosphere"].


lyrics transcribed by Tom Brennan
corrections thanks to Bill Thompson