RAILWAY (Robert J. Purvis)


I sent my love in a letter I wrote her the other day

Promised I go and be there by her side very soon one day


By a railway, I'll wait for my train

By a railway, I'll soon be away

By a railway, waiting to take me to the one I love


I promised to come and there's always been something that's kept me here

But now I am free, I got no strings on me, so I'm going there

[repeat CHORUS]

[scat singing (in place of solo)]

[repeat CHORUS]

Bobby & Bill:

It's been quite awhile but I still see the smile that keeps haunting me

Now I'm standing alone in this place I call home but I'd rather be...

[repeat CHORUS]

Yeah yeah yeah (oooh)

Yeah yeah yeah (oooh)

Yeah yeah (oooh).

©1975 Ganga Publishing B.V.

lyrics transcribed by Tom Brennan