(self-titled LP)
Splinter (Bellaphon LP, 1980)
Cover illustration: Bob Robson

This is the 5th released Splinter album and the second after leaving Dark Horse Records. This LP was released in the U.K. by Bellaphon Records Ltd. of London (distributed by Pye (PRT) Records) and in West Germany. Since the LP had no title, Bob Purvis says he just referred to it as the "Innocent" album (after the lead-off track). A TV commercial was produced with Rod Stewart holding a copy of the LP to the camera. During their final U.K. tour (supporting Leo Sayer), the label went bankrupt and the LPs were returned from the stores. Soon after, Splinter broke-up. This LP was released in Japan under the title "Sail Away" in 1981 with a different cover and the same track listing with the exception of "All That Love" being replaced by the song "Pigalle".

Catalog #: Bellaphon BPLP002, released 1980 (U.K.)
Catalog #: Bellaphon BPLP002, released 1980 (West Germany)

1. Innocent [Purvis & Elliott] (4:08)
lead vocals: Bill Elliott & Bob Purvis
Plane Leaving Tokyo [Purvis] (3:59)
lead vocal: Bill Elliott
Another Time Another Place [Purvis] (3:54)
lead vocal: Bob Purvis
Too Far Down The Line [Purvis] (3:48)
lead vocal: Bill Elliott
Take It Or Leave It [Purvis & Elliott] (3:40)
lead vocal: Bob Purvis

1. Passing Through [Purvis & Elliott] (4:10)
lead vocal: Bob Purvis
Touch Yet Never Feel [Purvis] (3:30)
lead vocal: Bill Elliott
Don't Leave Me Now [Purvis] (2:48)
lead vocal: Bill Elliott
All That Love [Purvis & Elliott] (4:07)
lead vocal: Bill Elliott
Sailaway [Purvis] (4:29)
lead vocal: Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott: vocals & backing vocals
Bob Purvis: vocals & backing vocals, rhythm guitars
Alan Hodge: guitars
Dave Quinn: bass guitar
Alan Eden: drums
Jo Partridge: acoustic & electric guitars, and mandolin
Mel Collins: horns
Jack Emblow: accordion
Dave Katz Organisation: strings
Roger Rettig: pedal steel guitar

Splinter, 1980
Back cover photo: Doug McKenzie

1980 Bellaphon Records Ltd.
Arranged and produced by: Jimmy Horowitz. Courtesy of Gaff Management Ltd.
Recorded at: Sawmills Studio Golant, Cornwall (February 1980 - backing tracks) and Regents Park Studio, London (March 1980 - vocals)
Engineers: Jerry Boys and Rob Arenstein

Thanks to everyone that helped us to make this album and Johnny Nomura in particular.

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