"In Concert" programme
Radio One
02 November 1974

This live session (in stereo) for the BBC was to promote the release of  "The Place I Love" LP. Splinter was very well received by the live audience in attendance. Introduced by Alan Black. Produced by Jeff Griffin.

1. The Place I Love [Robert J. Purvis] (2:46)
The title track of their album.
2. Lonely Man [Robert J. Purvis & Malcolm Evans] (4:01)
A song from the Little Malcolm film that didn't make the first LP that was held over until the second LP.
3. White Shoe Weather [Robert J. Purvis & William Elliott] (2:43)
Future B-side.

4. Costafine Town [Robert J. Purvis & William Elliott] (3:12)
The first single.
5. Silver [Robert J. Purvis] (2:45)
A song not to be released until 1977.

6. Split Crow Road [Robert J. Purvis] (3:38)
A song never to be officially released.

7. What Is It (If You Never Ever Tried It Yourself) [Robert J. Purvis & William Elliott] (2:08)
A brand new song destined for the next (second) LP.

8. China Light [Robert J. Purvis & William Elliott] (3:03)
A future single release from the LP.

Bob Purvis - acoustic guitars and vocal
Bill Elliott - kazoo (on White Shoe Weather) and vocal

"Bob Harris" programme
Radio One
December 1974

"Sight & Sound In Concert" programme
Radio One and BBC-2 TV
17 December 1977

This live session for the BBC to promote the release of the "Two Man Band" LP includes the addition of Alan Clarke on keyboards. Introduced by Pete Drummond. Produced by Michael Appleton. Directed by Tom Corcoran.

1. Half Way There [Purvis] (1:20)
From the second album. Only an incomplete recording of the ending is available so far.
2. Drink All Day (Got To Find Your Own Way Home) [Purvis] (3:27)
From the first album. In place of the dobro solos is harmonica played by Bill Elliott.
3. Silver [Purvis] (4:11)
An old song but just released on the new LP.
4. Baby Love [Purvis] (4:49)
From the new LP.
5. White Shoe Weather [Purvis & Elliott] (3:20)
B-side of the next song.
6. Love Is Not Enough (To Stay Alive) [Purvis] (3:22)
This is the "version 1" single arrangement.
7. station ID-outroduction (0:16)

Bob Purvis - acoustic guitars and vocal
Bill Elliott - harmonica (on Drink All Day, Silver, and Love Is Not Enough), kazoo (on White Shoe Weather) and vocal
Alan Clarke - keyboards (on Silver, Baby Love, White Shoe Weather, and Love Is Not Enough)

special thanks to Philippe Colinge

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