Quad Concert
WCMF-FM, 96.5 MHz
1700 HSBC Plaza
Rochester, NY USA 14604
November 5, 1975

Richard Pachter: "I was the A&M Records promo guy who arranged the live Splinter show on WCMF in Rochester back in 1975. They were very nice guys, as I recall, but relatively clueless. Terry Doran (the man from the motor trade?) represented Dark Horse and was a very pleasant fellow, too, but didn't really do much of anything, as I recall, but was a charming, lovely man who called everyone "Squire." Splinter played well and it was a fun time."

This live radio concert was arranged by A&M Records promo man Richard Pachter. It took place in the downstairs radio studio of WCMF -FM in Rochester, New York in front of a small studio audience. Also in attendance was Beatles associate and Harrison friend Terry Doran [Bill says "hi" to him just before "Raincoat Salesman"].
Splinter had just begun a U.S. tour to promote their latest release on Dark Horse Records, "Harder To Live". This followed one week of promotion in Great Britain in Late October. The night before (November 4) they had performed at
My Father's Place in Long Island. The tour consisted of just the two of them playing on a pair of 12-string acoustic guitars. Having rushed over to the States to promote their new album, the duo didn't have enough time to break-in their new strings for their 12-string guitars; their guitars go out of tune many times throughout their live radio concert. At one point following "Split Crow Road", Bobby has to retune his guitar and the host takes advantage by interviewing Bill during the break, asking about the origins of the duo and their relationship with their boss, George Harrrison. Bill and Bob crack numerous jokes throughout the performance.

YouTube videos (audio only) for WCMF-FM Quad concert

01. Drink All Day (Got To Find Your Own Way Home) [Purvis]
From the first album. In place of the dobro solos is harmonica.
02. China Light [Purvis & Elliott]
From the first album.
03. The Place I Love [Purvis]
The title track from the first album.
04. Berkley House Hotel [Purvis]
From the second album, "Harder To Live" (their latest release at the time, just released on October 6, 1975).
05. Silver [Purvis]
Bobby's favorite song of his own compositions, which didn't see release until the "Two Man Band" LP in 1977.
06. Split Crow Road [Purvis]
07. Raincoat Salesman [Purvis & Elliott]
These two songs were from an untitled LP that never saw release (intended to be the 3rd LP release in 1976).
08. Lonely Man [Purvis & Evans]
From the second album.
09. White Shoe Weather [Purvis & Elliott]
It ended up coming out in Japan in November 1976 on the B-side of "Love Is Not Enough [version 1]". Bobby mentions that Tom Scott is not there, so Bill ends up playing his horn parts on kazoo. Because of this statement, it may have been an outtake from "Harder To Live".
10. What Is It (If You Never Ever Tried It Yourself) [Purvis & Elliott]
From the second album.
11. Somebody's City [Purvis]
From the first album.
12. Half Way There [Purvis]
From the second album.

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