U.K. promo singles (stereo & mono)

Costafine Town
Dark Horse (A&M) AMS 7135
released: September 13, 1974

Drink All Day
Dark Horse (A&M) AMS 5501
released: February 7, 1975
Drink All Day (U.K. promo)

China Light
remixed & edited version
Dark Horse (A&M) AMS 5502
released: February 21, 1975

These edited versions are also remixes, the main differences being the levels and placement of Billy Preston's organ overdub and George Harrison's slide guitar overdub. The edit takes place after the solo by removing two "Here In China Light"s and the 3rd verse.

stereo remix (3:37): slide guitar and organ fills are louder than on the LP; during solo, guitar is louder than organ
mono remix (3:38): the organ is louder than the stereo, except during the solo the guitar is louder and the organ is lower

Which Way Will I Get Home
Dark Horse (A&M) AMS 5503
released: November 7, 1975

Half Way There
Dark Horse (A&M) AMS 5506
released: May 21, 1976

Round & Round
Dark Horse (Warner Brothers) K 17009
released: September 16, 1977

New York City (Who Am I)
Dark Horse (Warner Brothers) K 17116
released: 1978

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