Basil (Joey Molland: Demos Old And New)
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last updated: October 25, 2014

"Basil" is Joey Molland's collection of demos, old and new. All the songs are previously unreleased. It was originally released in 1998 and was reissued by Gonzo Multimedia as "Joey Molland: Demos Old And New" on May 5, 2014.

Basil front CD cover
Basil CD back cover
Basil inner collage

01. I Said It's Alright (1992-A)
Borderline (1984-B*)
Birdsong (1992-A)
Cadillac Blues (1988-J)
Can't Stop (1984-B)
Clouds Of Love (1980-J)
Isn't That A Dream (1995-C)
It's True (1988-J)
Mirrors (1995-C)
Miss Misunderstood (1972-J)
Moonlight (1981-J)
Panning Gold (1982-J)
Sometimes (1994-J)
Walkin' The Floor (1983-J)
What You're Doin' (1973-J)
When (1980-D)
Miss Misunderstood (1972-J)

Band J (1972, 1973, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1988, 1994): Joey Molland: guitar & vocals [home demos].

Guitar & lead vocals by Joey Molland plus the members below:
Band D (1980): Joe Tansin: guitar & vocals; Larry Lee: bass & vocals; Bobby Dean Wickland: drums.
Band B (1984): Randy Anderson: guitar; Al Wodtke: bass; Brad Shultz: drums; Joe Savage: harmonica.*
Band A (1992): Gregg Eldem: bass; Eric Breil: drums.
Band C (1995): Randy Anderson: guitar; Tom Lecher: bass; Harry Pulver: keyboards; Bob Millea: drums.

(with Joey's comments, courtesy of Michael A. Cimino):
01. I Said It's Alright
A song I did a couple of years ago with [drummer] Eric Bretl and [bassist] Gregg Eidem. It's A Rock song, sounds pretty tough.
02. Birdsong
A shuffle, with the same guys [as "Said It's Alright"]
03. Borderline
A Blues song about living on the edge with Rock 'N' Roll. I wrote the song 10, maybe 12, years ago. Features an extraordinary harmonica player, Joe Savage.
04. Cadillac Blues
I recorded this in a falsetto voice, kind of like a Rolling Stones thing, in my basement.
05. Can't Stop
Recorded at the same time as "Borderline".
06. Clouds Of Love
I wrote it for the album "Say No More". We recorded a backing track to it with Tommy [Evans] and Tony Kaye (Yes), but I couldn't get on with it. This version is my home demo, just me and an electric guitar.
07. Isn't That A Dream
A relatively new song about losing your problems. I recorded it at "Echo Boys" in Minneapolis with some friends. Randy Anderson played slide guitar on it.
08. I Know That It's True
A country song. I played everything on it.
09. Mirrors
With the "Echo Boys" again.
10. Miss Misunderstood
An acoustic song from 1972.
11. Moonlight
Another acoustic song I wrote 20 years ago. A fantasy lyric.
12. Panning Gold
Just me and a guitar. I wrote the song about learning as you go through life. It starts in Liverpool and it ends up where I am.
13. Sometimes
A Folkey, Blues type song I did in my bedroom about 4 or 5 years ago.
14. Walkin' The Floor
About someone committing suicide, but it's not about one of those guys [Pete Ham, Tommy Evans]. It had nothing to do with them.
15. What Your Doin'
From 1973, about [manager Stan] Polley and those people. It's a demo I did in my house with an acoustic.
16. When
I did this in L.A. in 1980, after I split with Tommy. This is one of the demos I did with my own band. It Rocks like mad.

01. I Said It's Alright

02. Angels Like Us
03. Birdsong
04. Borderline
05. Cadillac Blues
06. Call Me
07. Can't Stop
08. Clouds Of Love
09. Isn't That A Dream
10. It's True
11. Mirrors
12. Miss Misunderstood
13. Moonlight
14. Walkin' The Floor
15. Sometimes
16. Panning For Gold
17. What Your Doin'
18. When

thanks to Randy Justesen for preliminary track listings for "Basil"

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