This Way Up
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This Way Up (by Joey Molland, 2001)

This Way Up was released on July 18, 2001 and started arriving in the fans' hands by July 25-26, 2001.
It was reissued by Gonzo Multimedia on January 27, 2014.

Track listing:
02. Happy
03. A Way To Be
04. The Bust
05. This Must Be Love
06. Moonlight
07. Another Honeymoon
08. When I Was A Boy
09. Angels Like Us
10. What Else (Nothing)
11. Tell Me
12. Three Minute Warning
13. Isn't That A Dream? [music video]

All Words and Music by J. Molland/Joe Kat Music (ASCAP)

J. Molland: vocals, guitar & percussion
D. Molland: acoustic guitar
J. Molland III: lead guitar [What Else (Nothing)]
R. Anderson: lead guitar [Tell Me], slide guitar [Isn't That A Dream?]
T. Lecher: bass
M. Healey: bass [Angels Like Us]
H. Pulver: keyboards
B. Millea: drums
A. Dee: lap steel [Three Minute Warning]

This Way Up back tray card
Recorded at Echo Boys Studio, Minneapolis, MN; Engineers: Dale Goulett & Jason Bridges
Overdubs recorded at Aurora Borealis Studios, Minneapolis, MN; Engineer: Mark Healey
Mixed at Aurora Borealis Studios; Engineer: Joe Molland
Mastered by Mark Healey & Joe Molland for Independent Artist Records 2001
Live photo: Tim Kelly
Cover art: Bob Millea

"This album is dedicated to my family and all my pals. From Liverpool to Tokyo, from Minneapolis to Brisbane, and all the places in-between. You know who you are, and to Tommy, Pete, and Mike, for all those good times.
Michael Molland R.I.P.
Charlie (Paul) Crane R.I.P.

My special thanks go out to Randy Anderson for his continued support and friendship. My son Joe III, my brother Doug Molland, the Echo Boys, Jason Bridges, Mark Healey and Andy Dee for their time and talent. Also to Michael Rescigno, and Michael Barich, for their support and friendship throughout the years. And to my wife Kath, goes all my love for a lifetime of strength, faith and encouragement.
Bless 'em all"

This Way Up inner tray card

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