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Dave Evans (wearing straw hat)Tom Evans (photo by Barry Plummer)
Left photo: Dave Evans (now); Right photo: Tom Evans (then - with Badfinger)

Broken Hearts (YouTube video)

Dave Evans interview by Dan Matovina

Dave Evans songs: Broken Hearts | May Keep You Better | So Much Love | Utopia
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Dave Evans Utopia CD EP cover
The Art Of Knitting by Dave Evans (CD EP)
released: December 25, 2011

Track listing:
1. May Keep You Better - Inspired by mum, (I was determined to get her name in the title), from my experiencing the extent of 'give' in motherhood through her, the joy and the not so happy. Mum was always humming and singing when carrying out the household chores - the oooo's, mmm's and do do doo's at the beginning, middle and end of the song represents that. Also for all the beautiful mothers I know, not least Jan... for all mothers - this humble gratitude.
2. Utopia - Is an attempt at song worthiness. I am suitably aged and have experienced sufficient of life, have also studied/read enough questioning books for me to have a go at this. The lyric took forever...
3. So Much Love - Is a lusty love song (yes, I know... time of life!) Once I was inspired, most of the lyric came quickly and stored in my head for a while then finalised when on a lazy holiday on Carfu. The tune then came quickly too. The chords came in one session. There it was and I enjoyed it because of that.
4. Broken Hearts - Is the saddest song about the evening of Tommy's death from a tree on the bank of a stream at the bottom of his garden on a freezing, full moon November night. And then the absolute tragedy of how he was found the following morning... Happier times Tommy was known to entice swans from the stream into his garden by feeding them bread dunked in whisky. '... heavy journey is done...' and '...leave this stormy day...' In the middle of the song are lyrics from Tommy singing 'Carry On Till Tomorrow,' one of Badfinger's best songs - is a must to visit/revisit.

All songs: words and music by Dave Evans

Notes by Dave Evans:
Having an interest, a hobby that involves thinking up ideas, creating vaguely rhyming words in a pattern for music, then finding and arranging guitar or piano chords to accompany those words in an effort to deliver the idea can be very satisfying but also frustrating because there is never anything at the end of the sessions - the piece of work just rattles around in your head and bedroom walls - nothing to show.

Then, some wonderfulls come up with a brilliant and generous idea for a birthday present and gathered lots of funds to buy some time for me in a recording studio. So, like painting with oil or watercolour, wood sculpting, candle making, glass blowing... knitting, something tangible - a CD.

So off we went: Ros, Ben, Helen, Lily B, and me to have some fun at Conversion Studios with Josh Parker and his sackfulls of glitter. We did well to record four songs in such a short time. It was a bit rushed, but I was determined to record as many as possible.

So a massive thank you to all you wonderfuls. It was an absolute blast and forgive this self-indulgence which is now thrust upon you all and other friends and family for being part of my life.

Thanks and dedications:
Ros - you are the one... Thank you - for your piano - beautiful and brilliant... and the endless tea, coffee, chats and laughs that were our practice sessions, totally added to this experience.

Jan, Ben and Freya... Thank you - Wonderful family, you have inspired and motivated this - those unreachable notes were only ever yours, Ben.

Will, Steve, Yvette and Helen... Thank you - for all your help with the technical and the art.

James... Thank you - for sorting the CDs.

This is dedicated to Lily B and Mila... such innocence, beauty... pure joy.

David Evans (2006) photo by Mark Perkins

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