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Tom Evans lithograph

"Your eyes have seen the glory of the future that is past"

"I spent a total of 85 hours drawing...and he just came alive!"
- Mark V. Perkins -
Ordering Information

The new Tom Evans lithograph by Mark V. Perkins
The 2nd in a series:
Release date: June 5, 2000

A new and special tribute lithograph of Tom Evans has been created by Mark V. Perkins and is now available. The BWR page features an in-depth interview with Mark Perkins following his thought processes in how the Tom Evans lithograph came together. Complete ordering instructions are also provided. Click on link in above ad for details. I want to congratulate Mark for having the faith to continue this series that he started with the Pete Ham lithograph.

"I am pleased to announce that due to some revised postal qualifications I am now able to drop the price on the new Tom Evans lithograph as well as the Pete Ham lithograph. I have also decided to absorb the initial expenses that were laid out to purchase packaging material and shipping tubes, plus rounding off to some real nice even numbers. How's that for being tidy? In lowering the price of shipping and packing of these lithographs I am hopeful that more people will be able to hop aboard and support this effort." - Mark V. Perkins

The lithograph is based on the photo of Tommy on page 204 of Dan Matovina's book, Without You, The Tragic Story of Badfinger. Payment can be made in either cash, Money Order or International Money Order only. No credit card orders will be taken.
The Tommy Evans lithograph, a work in progress © Copyright 2000 by Mark V. Perkins, plus ordering information

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