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Recordings for radio broadcast
WXFM 105.9 FM, Chicago, IL, USA
pre-recorded on November 11, 1975

Saul Smaizys: "I recorded them for broadcast on a radio show I was doing in Chicago back then and the performance is really excellent. I ran across it recently while I'm converting my tape library of airchecks and interviews to digital. The show was called
Triad and aired on WXFM-FM weeknights from 8 P.M.-1 A.M. We brokered the time from the station and sold our own advertising etc. The taping was done at the house where I lived along with the executive producer of the show."

Splinter recorded 8 songs for later broadcast . They played half of their new LP, "Harder To Live" and 3 songs from their first LP, "The Place I Love". Splinter had previously performed live on
November 5 at WCMF-FM in Rochester, NY in front of a studio audience. This time the previously unreleased songs are not performed and 2 different songs are performed instead. "Costafine Town", their first single is one, and "Sixty Miles Too Far" from their then latest LP, which seems to just have been introduced into their set is the other one. For some reason, Bobby Purvis's voice is too low in the mix on these recordings, resulting in harmonies that are out of balance. Nevertheless, Splinter delivers another top notch performance. The flawless performance here of "Lonely Man" is the highlight of the set with "Sixty Miles Too Far" not too far behind.

1. Drink All Day (Got To Find Your Own Way Home) [Purvis] (3:26)
From the first album. In place of the dobro solos is harmonica.
Berkley House Hotel [Purvis] (2:59)
From the second album, "Harder To Live" (their latest release at the time, just released on October 6, 1975).
Costafine Town [words: Purvis & Elliott; music: Purvis] (2:49)
The first single from the first LP.
Half Way There [Purvis] (3:02)
From the second album.
Sixty Miles Too Far [Purvis] (3:57)
From the second album.
China Light [Purvis & Elliott] (3:11)
From the first album.
Lonely Man [Purvis & Evans] (3:57)
From the second album.
What Is It (If You Never Ever Tried It Yourself) [Purvis & Elliott] (2:43)
From the second album.

special thanks to Saul Smaizys

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