Straight Up
by Badfinger
compiled by Tom Brennan
last update: September 02, 2017

recorded: January-October, 1971
at Abbey Road Studios, Trident Studios, Morgan Studios, Command Studios, and AIR Studios, London
produced by Geoff Emerick (January-February, 1971), George Harrison (May-June, 1971), and Todd Rundgren (September-October, 1971)
engineered by: Richard Lush
thanks to: Nick, Fergie & Tim
original sleeve design by Gene Mahon and Richard DiLello
photographs by Richard DiLello
U.S. release on December 13, 1971 on Apple SW-3387.
commerical 4-track stereo reel-to-reel tape on Apple (manufactured by Ampex) [front of box | back of box | tape reel]
U.K. release on February 11, 1972 on Apple SAPCOR 19. [U.K. promo label side 1]

Straight Up front cover (24k gold CD) Straight Up back cover
cover art shown above taken from DCC 24k Gold CD edition
Side One:
Take It All
Baby Blue

Pete: "It was just a very personal thing. To me, it was one of the few songs that I thought was whole and complete. I mean, you write a song and people think, "oh, that's nice" or whatever, but you never quite think, well, I made it on that song 100%, you know, but Baby Blue, to me, I almost made it."
I'd Die, Babe
Name Of The Game
Side Two:
Sweet Tuesday Morning
Day After Day

Pete: "The first thing people have to do before they try and do anything about the world is admit that they've got a lot of faults themselves, and admit that there is no real perfection. People get too obsessed with ideals -- the perfect world or the perfect human being, and there's no such thing, so all basically that song says is realise our imperfections and talk about them, and try to do something about it."
It's Over

Apple 8XT-3387
Straight Up 8-track without box (U.S.A.)
Program 1:
Take It All
Program 2:
Name Of The Game
Program 3:
Sweet Tuesday Morning
I'd Die, Babe
Program 4:
Day After Day
Baby Blue
It's Over

U.S. CD release on June 1, 1993 on Apple CDP0777 7 81403 2 0 (UK: CD SAPCOR 19).
Reissue digitally mastered and researched by Ron Furmanek
Digitally remastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, England, March 1992
engineered by: Mike Jarratt and Peter Mew
mastered from the original 2-track stereo master mix tapes
Reissue package by Phil Smee at Waldo's Design
Sleeve notes by Andy Davis, research by Dan Matovina

1993 CD bonus tracks:
Money [Geoff Emerick produced version]
Flying [Geoff Emerick produced version]
Name Of The Game [Geoff Emerick produced version]
Suitcase [Geoff Emerick produced version]
Perfection [Geoff Emerick produced version]
Baby Blue [Al Steckler single remix, engineered by Eddie Kramer]

Straight Up 2010 CD cover frontStraight Up 2010 CD cover back
U.S. CD release on October 25, 2010
on Apple (5099964244020) [CD label]
Remastered by Guy Massey, Steve Rooke, Sam Okell from the original 2-track stereo master mix tapes
Abbey Road Project Coordinator: Allan Rouse
Audio Restoration: Simon Gibson
Album Reissue Producers: Andy Davis, Mike Heatley
EMI Project Manager: Guy Hayden
Tea, sympathy and guidance: Jeff Jones, Jonathan Clyde & Garth Tweedale
Notes by Andy Davis
Special thanks to Joey Molland
Album Re-design: Darren Evans
Apple archive management: Aaron Bremner

2010 CD Bonus Tracks:
13. I'll Be The One [2010 remaster] produced by Geoff Emerick
14. Name Of The Game [
original version] produced by Geoff Emerick
15. Baby Blue [
Al Steckler single remix, engineered by Eddie Kramer] produced by Todd Rundgren
16. Baby Please [previously unreleased] produced by Geoff Emerick
17. No Good At All [previously unreleased] produced by Geoff Emerick
18. Sing For The Song [previously unreleased] produced by Geoff Emerick
Download-only bonus tracks:
Money [original version] produced by Geoff Emerick
Flying [original version] produced by Geoff Emerick
Perfection [original version] produced by Geoff Emerick
Suitcase [original version] produced by Geoff Emerick
Sweet Tuesday Morning [previously unreleased original version] produced by Geoff Emerick
Mean Mean Jemima [2010 remaster] produced by Geoff Emerick
Loving You
[2010 remaster] produced by Geoff Emerick

Foreign pressings
Argentina (1972)
on Apple: front cover
(1972) on Apple SAPCOR19: side 1 label | side 2 label
partial front cover and side 1 label
Germany (1972)
on Apple 1C062-93 234: back cover | side 1 label | side 2 label
(1972) on Apple SAPCOR19 (BAN 16329): front cover | back cover | side 1 label | side 2 label
Japan (1972)
on Apple AP-80432: front cover with obi strip | side 1 red vinyl
(REX Record serial #: NEW-12-348) : front cover | back cover | side 1 label | side 2 label
New Zealand
on Apple SAPCOR19: back cover with side 1 label
on First Record FL-2176:
front cover (with Straight Up promo sticker promoting Day After Day) | back cover | side 1 label | lyric sheet

Japan (February 23, 2005)
on Apple TOCP-67564 (CD in mini-LP format) [front cover | back cover]

Album Ads
Long finger ad: LP + Baby Blue single (U.S.) | Straight Up + No Dice (U.K.)

Album reviews

Scene magazine: December 16-22, 1971 (U.S.)
Billboard magazine: December 1971 (U.S.) [scan | text]
Rolling Stone: January 20, 1972 (U.S.)
Stereo Review: January 1972 (U.S.)
Disc & Music Echo: January 8, 1972 (U.K.)
Disc/Echo (U.K.): January 8, 1972 [same as Sounds: February 19, 1972] (U.K.) [scan | text]

Veronica: February 19, 1972 (Dutch)
Rock: February 28, 1972 (U.S.)
Beat Instrumental: March 1972 (U.K.)
Young And Loving Teen: March 1972

Creem: April 1972 (U.S.)
thanks to Dan Matovina

Special items
Promo stickers: to identify album and promote "Day After Day" (1971) | to identify album and promote hit singles (1972)
Straight Up songbook: front cover | back cover
Promo poster of back cover photo
U.K. 10" acetate of rough mixes of 4 Harrison produced tracks ("Day After Day" incorrectly typed as "Day By Day")

Drawn Apple labels (U.S.): side 1 | side 2
Day After Day rough mix tape box ("Day After Day Ref/mix; No Guitar (slide) except Lead; No Lead Piano gh on Lead")

STRAIGHT UP [unreleased version, aka SING FOR THE SONG]
recorded: January 9-March 2, 1971
at Abbey Road Studios, Command Studios, and AIR Studios, London
produced by: Geoff Emerick
engineered by: Richard Lush
almost released in April 1971 on Apple 3374?
*some tracks released in U.S. on CD June 30, 1992 on Apple SAPCOR 16.
**some tracks released in U.S. on CD June 1, 1993 on Apple SAPCOR 19.

***some tracks released in U.S. on CD October 25, 2010 on Apple.
****available as download only or on Apple Records albums CD box set released on October 25, 2010.

Side One:

I'll Be The One*
No Good At All***
Sweet Tuesday Morning****
Baby Please***
Mean Mean Jemima*
Side Two:
Name Of The Game**
Loving You*
Sing For The Song***

Billboard article about remixing LP in U.S. (March 27, 1971) with Geoff Emerick's name mis-spelled

Resequenced and remastered version of this unreleased album posted on YouTube, February 15, 2014

On August 4, 2003, a 7" reel-to-reel tape of early Straight Up stereo mixes sold on eBay for $374. The bids started at $19.99. The tape plays at 7 1/2 ips speed and contains 5 mixes as follows...

1. The Name Of The Game (4:30)
2. Money/Flying (6:44)
3. Sing For The Song (3:17)
4. Perfection [final mix] (4:38)
5. Perfection [alternate mix] (4:25)

[tape box titles | tape reel | studio address at end of tape | with compliments from Apple insert]

The tape originated from Bell Sound Studios in New York City and was given by Hilary Gerrard from the Apple Office on 54 St. James's Street in London to WNEW-FM in New York City as an advanced promo for Badfinger's next LP. It appears that the tape was never played.
On March 2, 1971 a rough mix of the entire proposed new LP was prepared in England, then Badfinger travelled to the U.S. for their 2nd tour. This tape contains the mixes that were intended for side 2 of the original Straight Up album, except that Mike's song "Loving You" is missing and a slightly different mix of "Perfection" is included instead. The alternate mix of "Perfection" fades out earlier and the synthesizer is dropped from the mix earlier and the harmonica overdub is brought in sooner than on the final mix.
It wasn't until 9 months later that the final Straight Up LP would be released in the U.S.A. 4 of these songs were released in 1993 as bonus tracks on the "Straight Up" CD release.

Bootleg release:
Apple Demos 1970-1972 (1 CD), Cannonball CA-2003010 (from newly discovered open reel tapes, not from vinyl and other released CDs)
Apple Demos 1970-1972 (Cannonball CA-2003010)
01. No Good At All
02. Sweet Tuesday Morning
03. Suitcase
04. I'll Be The One
05. Baby Please
06. Mean Mean Jemima
07. Loving You
08. Name Of The Game
09. Money
10. Flying
11. Sing For The Song
12. Perfection (2nd version)
13. Perfection (preliminary)

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