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Ross (Alan Ross, Bob Jackson,
from L to R: Tony Fernandez, Bob Jackson, Alan Ross, Steve Emery, Reuben White

In 1973, Bob Jackson was recruited as the new keyboard player in Rigor Mortis as part of the latest lineup of musicians so John Entwistle could go out on tour to promote his new solo album "Rigor Mortis Sets In" after its release in May. Because The Who were about to go in the studio within a few weeks to start recording "Quadrophenia", the touring plans had to be postponed. As a result of the change in plans, the latest version of the Rigor Mortis band was changed to be called Ross, with Alan Ross as the group leader. Ross was signed by Robert Stigwood's RSO Records and recorded their debut album in The Who's new studio in Battersea, London. It was called Ramport Studios (a.k.a. The Kitchen). This is where The Who recorded their new "Quadrophenia" album. Ross toured twice in the U.S. to promote their first album, the second one being in the summer of 1974 as the opening act for Eric Clapton (also managed by Stigwood). In 1974, Ross recorded a follow-up album, this time in Hollywood with The Doors' producer Bruce Botnick. The songs were based on Edgar Allan Poe's poetry about "The Pit & The Pendulum," but it failed to catch on with the record buying public. After the Clapton tour in August, Bob Jackson decided to quit the band.

Ross front cover (Japan CD)Ross back cover (USA LP)
Original LP released on RSO Records SO 878 on April, 1974 (U.S.) [side 1 label | side 2 label]
CD release (Japan), released: October 21, 2009

01. Alright By Me (6:17)
02. You're Looking Down A Road (4:35)
03. Wherever You Go (3:55)
04. Caroline (3:31)
05. Changes (3:48)
06. Help Me Understand (6:37)
07. Blackbird (3:12)
08. I Need Your Love (3:33)
09. Buxton (3:57)
10. Leave It All Behind You (4:02)

Alan Ross: lead vocals, guitars & filing cabinet
Steve Emery
: bass guitar, vocals
Bob Jackson: keyboards, vocals, string machine
Tony Fernandez
: drums, percussion
Reuben White
: percussion

All compositions by Alan Ross, except Alright By Me by Alan Ross/Steve Emery/Bob Jackson
All compositions published by Hudson Bay Music, BMI.
Recorded at Ramport Studios, Battersea, London
Produced & mixed by Mike Finesilver
Engineered by Anton Matthews & Gerry Leach
Tapes & ciggies by Murky Mark

Special thanks: David English & Bill Oakes
Management: The Robert Stigwood Organisation
Art Direction: Ian Murray
Cover Illustration: Patrick Woodruff
Lettering: Wade Wood Associates

USA promo single (RSO Records, SO-406):
Alright By Me [stereo single edit] (3:45)
Alright By Me [mono single edit] (3:45)

Alright By Me/Caroline (USA: RSO 2090 125)
Alright By Me/Caroline (UK: RSO 2090 125), released: January, 1974 [A-side | B-side]
Alright By Me/Caroline (Australia: RSO 2090 125)

Ross is what British rock should sound like Billboard ad: April 27, 1974
Billboard Ross 'N' Roll ad
: May 4, 1974

FIRST U.S. TOUR (1974)
April 24: Roxy Theater, Allentown, PA
April 26: Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
April 27: Columbia Music Hall, Hartford, CT
April 28: Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Providence, RI
April 29-May 4: The Cellar Door, Washington, D.C.
May 8-13: Max's Kansas City, New York, NY
May 16-19: Main Point, Philadelphia, PA

June 28: Yale Bowl, New Haven, CT
June 30: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
July 2: International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL
July 4: Music Park, Columbus, Ohio
July 5: Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA
July 6: Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY
July 7: Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ
July 9: The Forum, Montreal, Canada
July 10: Civic Center, Providence, RI
July 12: Boston Garden, Boston, MA
July 13: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
July 14: Capital Centre, Landover, MD
July 18: AZU Stadium, Tempe, AZ
July 19: Arena, Long Beach, CA
July 20: Arena, Long Beach, CA
July 21: Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA
July 24: The Coliseum, Denver, Colorado
July 25: Henry W. Kiel Municipal Auditorium, St. Louis, MO
July 27: Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Davenport, IA
July 28: Memorial Stadium, Memphis, TN
July 29: Legion Field, Birmingham, AL
July 30: City Park Stadium, New Orleans, LA
August 1: The Omni, Atlanta, GA
August 2: The Coliseum, Greensboro, NC
August 4: International Raceway, West Palm Beach, FL

The Pit & The Pendul by Ross (LP cover)The Pit & The Pendulum by Ross (CD cover)The Pit & The Pendulum by Ross (CD back cover, UK artwork)
Original LP released on RSO Records SO 4802 on November, 1974 (U.S.) [side 1 label | side 2 label]
CD release (Japan), released: October 21, 2009

01. Swallow Your Dreams (4:21)
02. Gotta Get It Right Back (4:13)
03. Madness In Memories (5:25)
04. Standing Alone (4:05)
05. Discovery (4:38)
06. Now I See (4:10)
07. So Slow (3:57)
08. The Edge (2:04)
09. Nearer And Nearer (3:58)
10. Free (1:01)
11. I've Been Waiting (5:38)
12. Oh, I'm Happy Now (2:05)

Alan Ross: lead vocals, guitars
Steve Emery
: bass guitar, background vocals
Bob Jackson: keyboards, ARP synthesizer, background vocals (lead vocals on Discovery)
Tony Fernandez
: drums
Reuben White
: percussion

All compositions by Alan Ross, except Discovery by Bob Jackson, and Oh, I'm Happy Now words by Edgar Allan Poe, music by Alan Ross

Produced by Bruce Botnick by arrangement with the Robert Stigwood Organisation
String orchestration by Jack Nitzsche
Recorded & mixed by Rik Pekkonen at Hollywood Sound Recorders
Disc mastering at Arni Acosta of the Mastering Lab

Album design by Tom Wilkes Productions, Inc.
Front cover photo by Ken Marcus, back photo by Fred Valentine

Lyric sheet
Inner sleeve rats photo
Billboard ad: November 23, 1974

Billboard review (November 30, 1974):
Second effort has some nice high spots alternating from rocking to ballads. Lead guitarist and singer-writer Alan Ross sounds more at home on this record. Best cuts: "Swallow Your Dreams," "Madness In Memories," "Discovery," Now I See," "So Slow."

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