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Pete Ham-lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, electric piano, organ, harmonica, and drums on "When The Feeling" and "Dawn"

Overdubs were recorded (some in the last week of August, 1998) using an ADAT digital 8-track machine.
Recording Studios: Ord-Upon-Avon, B&B Recording

Ron Griffiths-bass guitar on "Keyhole Street"
Bob Jackson-piano solo on "Where Will You Be"
Dan Matovina-guitar (doubling parts), organ on "Goodbye John Frost"
Chris von Sneidern-organ, guitar, bass guitar
Mike Romanowski-organ, bass guitar
Bennett Bowman-drums
Rick Cammon-drums
Derek Ritchie-drums, snare drum on "Dawn"
Jonathan Lea-percussion
Derrick Anderson-bass guitar on "Helping Hand"

Track listing:

Makes Me Feel Good [slow version]
This is the second version recorded by Pete in 1968. By this time, a new section had been written, and the song had been rearranged to be more commercial sounding, this time with the chorus opening the song to catch the listener's attention immediately. Rather than just adding to the previous version, the original verses were discarded.
Pete Ham-vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Dan Matovina-guitar

A Lonely Day
Recorded in October, 1972.
Pete Ham-vocals, acoustic guitars

Recorded in November, 1969.
Pete Ham-vocals, electric guitars, drums
Derek Ritchie-snare drum

If It's Love (Without You verses) [electric piano version]
Recorded in 1969.
Pete Ham-vocal, electric piano

Pete's Walk [instrumental]
Recorded in 1970.
Pete Ham-electric guitars
[animated music video by Eduardo Bonfim]

Hurry On Father
Recorded in 1971.
Pete Ham-vocal, acoustic guitar

Goodbye John Frost
Recorded in April, 1970.
Pete Ham-vocal, piano
Dan Matovina-organ

I'll Kiss You Goodnight [solo version]
Recorded in February, 1967. An Iveys group version was also recorded in 1967 and had an opening section added. This is supposedly one of the original songs that helped The Iveys get a publishing deal with Apple.
Pete Ham-vocals, acoustic guitar

When The Feeling
Recorded in 1972.
Pete Ham-vocal, drums

Shine On [solo version]
Recorded in Early 1973.
Pete Ham-vocal, acoustic guitar

Gonna Do It
Recorded in 1972.
Pete Ham-vocals, acoustic guitar

Whiskey Man
Recorded in 1972.
Pete Ham-vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica

Keyhole Street
Recorded in August, 1966. This is one of the earliest demos by Pete that showed real songwriting promise (intended for The Iveys).
Pete Ham-vocals, acoustic guitars
Ron Griffiths-bass guitar

I've Waited So Long To Be Free
Recorded in 1972.
Pete Ham-vocals, acoustic guitar

Recorded in 1972.
Pete Ham-vocal, electric guitar, harmonica

Midnight Caller [solo version]
Recorded in Early-Mid 1970.
Pete Ham-vocals, upright piano

Helping Hand
Recorded in April, 1975.
Pete Ham-vocals, electric guitars
Derrick Anderson-bass guitar

Where Will You Be
Recorded in July, 1970.
Pete Ham-vocals, acoustic guitars, piano
Bob Jackson-piano solo

I'm So Lonely
Recorded in 1971.
Pete Ham-vocals, Fender electric guitar

Makes Me Feel Good [fast version]
Recorded in 1967.
Pete Ham-vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Dan Matovina-guitar
bass guitar

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Japan release bonus tracks:

Piano Red
[solo version]
Recorded in 1972.
Pete Ham-vocal, pianos, slide acoustic guitar

Evening Sky
Recorded in 1969.
Pete Ham-vocal, piano

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