Badfinger (For Love Or Money)
by Badfinger

compiled by Tom Brennan
last update: September 27, 2014

June 19-November 22, 1973
Olympic Studios, London
Chris Thomas
U.S. release on February 11, 1974 on WB BS 2762. [Test pressing information for U.S.: November 27, 1973]
Entered the Billboard charts on March 9, 1974 at #173; peaked at #161.
U.K. release in February, 1974 on WB K56023.
Badfinger front cover (1st WB album)Badfinger CD back cover (1st WB album)
Side One:
I Miss You [see YouTube for Pete Ham's 1968 demo version]
Shine On
Love Is Easy
Song For A Lost Friend
Why Don't We Talk?
Joey Molland: "Pete and Tommy were getting tired of the work going into the song and getting a bit punchy, so they started singing "Why not eat pork?" And somewhere down the line, they slid that line into the song to put some inside Badfinger humor into the music."
Side Two:
Matted Spam
Where Do We Go From Here?
My Heart Goes Out
Lonely You
Give It Up
Andy Norris

Recording engineer: Phil Chapman
Mixed at AIR & Olympic Studios, London

Love Is Easy single mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London
Horns arranged by Jim Horn (Matted Spam)
Pans by Russ & The Flames (Where Do We Go From Here)
Special effects: Tag & Fergie [as Fag & Tergie] (Why Don't We Talk)
Cover prepared by John Kosh
Photography by Peter Howe

Japanese release on July 25, 1991 on Warner Brothers WPCP-4081
Japanese reissue in 1997 on Warner Brothers WPCR-1714
German release on January 17, 1997 on 7599-26539-2 (WE 835)
U.K. release on January 2, 2001 on Warner Brothers 926539
U.S. release on February 8, 2005 on Rhino/Warner Brothers
U.K. release on July 23, 2007 on Collector's Choice
U.S. release on September 18, 2007 on Collector's Choice
U.K. release on October 28, 2013 on Rhino/Edsel EDSK 7036
U.S. release on November 5, 2013 on Rhino/Edsel EDSK 7036 (U.K. import)

8-track tape
WB M8 2762

Badfinger 8-track tape frontBadfinger 8-track tape back
Program 1:
I Miss You
Shine On
Give It Up
Program 2:
Song For A Lost Friend
Why Don't We Talk?
Where Do We Go From Here?
Program 3:
Love Is Easy
Matted Spam
Program 4:
My Heart Goes Out
Lonely You
Andy Norris

USA promo LP front cover with LP
Philippines LP front cover with LP
New Zealand LP back cover with LP

Album reviews:

Billboard: February 16, 1974 (U.S.)
Rolling Stone: April 11, 1974 (U.S.)
Zoo Review: April 11, 1974

Phonograph: May, 1974
Circus: June, 1974
Creem: July, 1974

Record Mirror: July 20, 1974 (U.K.)
New Musical Express: August 10, 1974 (U.K.)
Stereo Review: August, 1974 (U.S.)
Sounds: August 24, 1974


The slogan for the first Badfinger album on Warner Brothers Records was:
"When you've got a Badfinger, it isn't rude to point. It's even less rude to stick it in your ear."

Warner-Reprise Records: releases for February 1974
[cover] [inside] [inside text: February 11, 1974]

Bugs Bunny promotional ad - Billboard magazine: February 16, 1974 (U.S.)
Album cover art ad - Melody Maker: August 31, 1974 (U.K.)

Radio Spot
Badfinger by Badfinger radio spot tape box
The radio commercial used the single "I Miss You" as the background for the entire ad. One copy of this one-minute radio commercial that survives is from WMMS in Cleveland, Ohio.
The commercial consists of the following:
"It isn't rude to point when you've got a Badfinger...["I Miss You" plays], I'd like to point out that Badfinger's got a new album called Badfinger...["I Miss You" continues]...Badfinger by Badfinger--even better music on Warner Brothers ["I Miss You" continues and fades]."

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