Splinter Unplugged (1973 Demos)
This album was pressed in 1975 (one known copy was given out in July) by Dark Horse Records and issued to a few media executives and radio stations only (plus a few fans). It was never commercially released.

This album was a test pressing of acoustic demos for promotional use. None of the songs were used except for "Love Is Not Enough" which was used for a single release in Japan in November 1976 (distributed by Warner-Pioneer) and re-recorded for the next released LP "Two Man Band" (distributed by Warner Brothers) in 1977.

Splinter Dark Horse DH2 front cover

The record was issued in a custom Dark Horse sleeve and plain jacket. The value of this promo LP is $400-500.

What's on this disc?
This LP consists of all acoustic (6-string and 12-string) demos which explains the lack of a producer listing on the labels. It also lacks a proper catalog number and a record distributor credit on the labels, which verifies the fact that it is not a fully produced/finished album. There are only acoustic guitars and vocals on the entire disc. It was recorded in one day (live with no overdubs) in 1973 at F.P.S.H.O.T. On a lot of these songs, Splinter sounds a lot like Simon & Garfunkel in the prime of their careers. Without production, this album sounds more like a "folk" album, rather than an album of "pop" music. The songs are high quality, contain interesting lyrics, have tight vocal harmonies, and display excellent rhythm (acoustic) guitar playing. These days, you would call this LP "Splinter Unplugged" for lack of a better description. This is Splinter at their best (acoustically).

Bob Purvis: "The acoustic album was made when we were messing about in George's studio; we didn't know it was being made. I hated it, but now after all these years, I don't mind it. George did it with good intentions."

Catalog #: DH2
Total time: 34:53

1. Split Crow Road [Purvis] (3:20)
lead vocals: Bill & Bobby
Bobby Purvis: "This one's a song where we come from. I don't know if anybody [to studio audience in Rochester, NY] knows the north of England. Has anybody been to the north of England? No? Don't know what you're missing." Bill Elliott: "You're not missing very much." Bobby: "Well, we've got sort of what you might call a ghetto, you know, and they sort of demolished this part I'm gonna sing about; it's called Split Crow Road. It's no longer there, but it used to be a pretty nice place, you know."
Identical to the live version performed at WCMF-FM in Rochester, NY on November 5, 1975.
This Is My Corner [Purvis] (3:35)
lead vocals: Bobby & Bill
Similar type song to "The Place I Love".
Why Can't We Live By The Sea? [Purvis] (1:47)
lead vocals: Bobby & Bill
Full of incredible images.
Raincoat Salesman [Purvis & Elliott] (2:26)
lead vocals: Bill & Bobby
Harold Montgomery: "Barbour Raincoats and Foul Weather Gear, which holds appointments for HRH Queen Elizabeth and HRH the Prince of Wales as well as the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Phillip) are based in the shire of South Shields, where Splinter comes from."
This song was performed live on WCMF-FM in Rochester, NY on November 5, 1975.
This Time We're Gonna Come Through [Purvis] (2:36)
lead vocals: Bobby (+Bill)
A beautiful ballad. Splinter also recorded a demo of this song for Apple prior to this in 1972.
Don't Get Under My Feet [Purvis] (3:11)
lead vocals: Bill & Bobby
A song about a city.
Christmas Time Feeling [Purvis] (2:50)
lead vocals: Bill & Bobby
Christmas memories. This song was performed live as late as December 1980 on Radio Clyde in Scotland.
Splinter, side A (unreleased 3rd Dark Horse LP, 1975)

1. Re-directed [Purvis & Elliott] (1:59)
lead vocals: Bill & Bobby (duet)
About someone moving away and re-directing their mail.
Railway [Purvis] (2:26)
lead vocals: Bobby & Bill (trading verses)
Part of the melody of this sounds a lot like the verses of The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends". A gentle song about a guy finally going by train to visit his old girlfriend after making excuses not to go for a long time.
Little Piece Of Luck [Purvis & Elliott] (2:12)
lead vocals: Bobby & Bill
A song about being stranded in a snowstorm without a ride. This one reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel. A fun, bouncy, toe-tapper.
Down By The Albion [Purvis & Elliott] (2:22)
Albion is an old name for Great Britain or England (still used poetically).
lead vocals: Bobby & Bill
City Lady [Purvis & Elliott] (3:20)
lead vocals: Bobby (+ Bill)
Love Is Not Enough (To Stay Alive) [Purvis] (2:39)
lead vocals: Bill & Bobby
This was properly recorded for a single release (A-side) in Japan in November 1976
and was later remade for the "Two Man Band" LP in 1977. This demo version however is very powerful.

Splinter, side B (unreleased 3rd Dark Horse LP, 1975)

All of the songs were published 1975 Ganga Publishing B.V.

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