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David Jenkins (171 Oxford Street, Swansea, South Wales) was born on October 30, 1945 . He was an apprentice auto mechanic who worked in the same garage (Palmer and Evans) as John Horrel, a friend of Peter Ham. He was told about their band, and eventually he learned rhythm guitar and joined The Panthers (1963). The band went through a few name changes such as, "The Black Velvets", and for one gig, "The Wild Ones". Dave's brother, Alwyne helped out the band by driving them around and became their unofficial manager and roadie. After a line-up change in 1964 with Ron Griffiths and Terry Gleason replacing John Horrel and Roy Anderson, the group also changed their name to "The Iveys" on a suggestion from Ron, their new bass player. In July of 1967, after being moved from center stage to one side, Dave decided to quit the band after his brother Alwyne got into a confrontation with The Iveys' musical mentor, Bill Collins about the perceived stage demotion. Dave went on to play guitar for the London-based band, Rupert's People in the Autumn of 1967, and the Swansea-based band, The Powerstop from 1968-1970. He still plays the guitar and performs in a band led by his son.
biography information from Dan Matovina's "Without You, The Tragic Story of Badfinger", and Dan Matovina's unpublished 2003 interview with Dave Jenkins.

The Panthers/The Black Velvets/The Wild Ones (Summer 1963-Summer 1964)
The Panthers/The Black Velvets
Pete Ham - lead guitar
Dave Jenkins - rhythm guitar
Roy Anderson - drums
John Horrel - bass guitar

The Iveys (Summer 1964-February 27, 1965)
The Iveys (1964)
Dave Jenkins - rhythm guitar
Terry Gleason
- drums
Pete Ham - lead guitar
Ron Griffiths - bass guitar

The Iveys (March 10, 1965-August 12, 1967)
The Iveys with Dave Jenkins (1966)
Mike Gibbins - drums
Dave Jenkins
- rhythm guitar
Pete Ham - lead guitar, piano
Ron Griffiths - bass guitar

Iveys Concert Listings

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Dave Jenkins is mainly known by most Iveys fans for being the heartthrob of the group and the front man on stage in the mid '60s. He is also known for singing lead on Pete Ham's song "Man Without A Heart" which The Iveys recorded at a faster tempo than the original Peter Ham demo. Below is a list of his musical & vocal contributions to The Iveys and other bands from the 1960s.

Dave Jenkins' compositions

Dave Jenkins' lead vocals
Man Without A Heart
Sausage And Egg
[verse 2]

Ruperts People (September 1967-January 1968)
Rupert's People with Dave Jenkins
Rod Lynton - guitar, vocals
Steve Brendell - drums
Ray Beverley- bass guitar
Dave Jenkins - rhythm guitar, vocals
John Tout - organ

The Magic World Of Ruperts People CD:
The Magic World Of Ruperts People CD cover
Circle CPW C103 (vinyl: CPW L103)
U.K. release 2001; reissued: March 12, 2007

Track listing:
Single by Sweet Feeling, Columbia DB 8195, released May 26, 1967:
01. All So Long Ago (Brosse=Rod Lynton) [A-side]
02. Charles Brown (Brosse=Rod Lynton) [B-side of "All So Long Ago"]
Single credited to Ruperts People (actually Les Fleur de Lys), Columbia DB 8226, released July 7, 1967:
03. Reflections Of Charles Brown (Rod Lynton/Annette Conder) [A-side]
04. Hold On (Gordon Haskell/Annette Conder/Rod Lynton) [B-side of "Reflections Of Charles Brown"]
Singles by Ruperts People:
05. Dream In My Mind (Rod Lynton) [B-side of "A Prologue To A Magic World"]
06. I Can Show You (Rod Lynton) [A-side (Columbia DB 8362), released: March 1, 1968]
07. A Prologue To A Magic World (Rod Lynton/Annette Conder) [A-side (Columbia DB 8278), released: October 6, 1967]
08. I've Got The Love (Rod Lynton/Ray Beverley) [B-side of "I Can Show You"]
Acetate by Ruperts People, recorded: Late 1968/Early 1969, produced by Mal Evans:
09. Water To A Stone (Rod Lynton/Ray Beverley)
Live at the Country Club in Belsize Park, London: December, 1969:
10. I See You've Changed (Rod Lynton)
11. Reflecting (Terry Poole)
12. You Can't Always Get What You Want (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
Live at The Marina Pavilion, Hastings: April, 1999:
13. My Mind's Eye (Steve Marriott/Ronnie Lane)
14. Rain (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
15. I See You've Changed (Rod Lynton)
16. Hold On (Gordon Haskell/Annette Conder/Rod Lynton)

Columbia single DB 8278, released: October 6, 1967:
A Prologue To A Magic World/Dream In My Mind picture sleeve (5 members)A Prologue To A Magic World UK black labelDream In My Mind green promo
Dave Jenkins only performs on the following Ruperts People recordings and gigs...

A Prologue To A Magic World
(Rod Lynton/Annette Conder)/Dream In My Mind (Rod Lynton)
Note: most copies of the single are mis-titled as "Dream On My Mind."

Dave Jenkins: We cut a record. They'd done this Alice in Wonderland record [A Prologue To A Magic World] that, I think, got into the top 50. It wasn't much of a (song). I didn't like it. The b-side was much better. It was a rock 'n' roll side, the b-side. I got to sing verses on the b-side, Dream In My Mind, that this Rod Lynton wrote. He wrote that, and he wrote Alice as well. We recorded it in Abbey Road in the same studio as The Beatles, which was an honour for me, really, to go there. We cut that record and I heard it on (Radio) Luxembourg. I heard it played a couple of times. They tried to push it, but it never made it big.
excerpt from an unpublished interview conducted by Dan Matovina, 2003, used by permission

Hold On LP by Ruperts People (2013)
Flying High
(Ray Beverley/David Jenkins)
This is the only known released track (recorded in 1967) that was written or co-written by David Jenkins and it only surfaced recently on the Guerssen label in 2013 on this vinyl LP (in a limited edition of 500) called "Hold On" that was released in Europe. It is also the only previously unreleased track on this album.

A Christmas flexi disc was recorded for the Ruperts People fan club in Late, 1967, but so far, no copies have surfaced. The record was housed in a plain sleeve.

December 2, 1967 (Saturday)
Town Hall

The Powerstop (1968-1970)
Powerstop Big Band featuring Dave Jenkins, 1968

Dave Jenkins - lead guitar, vocals
Roger Borthwick - bass guitar, vocals
Paul Ainsley - drums
(brother of Paul) Ainsley - saxophone or trumpet
unknown - saxophone or trumpet

Dave Jenkins: ...The Powerstop were looking for a lead guitarist and I think they went and mentioned, and she (Sue) said, "Oh, my husband Dave used to be..." They knew who I was from The Iveys, so they approached me, and I joined them. No practicing. Straight in [laughs]. Live gig - straight in, and they were shouting out the chords to me [laughs]. Of course, I was a rhythm guitarist, trying to be a lead guitarist... well, eventually getting to a lead guitarist. They were a good bunch of boys, and I must have had two years with them, I think.
excerpt from an unpublished interview conducted by Dan Matovina, 2003, used by permission

February 24, 1968 (Sat
Ritz Entertainments Club
Skewen, South Wales, U.K.
with The Iveys

They played mainly in South Wales but sometimes did trips to London or the 'West Country'. Alwyne Jenkins became their road manager. They also had a live session on B.B.C's "Radio One Club" hosted by Tommy Vance. The group had a brass section: trumpet and sax. Dave played lead guitar and sang most of the numbers. They played Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears cover numbers. When the band went to play in London once, they played at "The Cromwellian Club" on Cromwell Road. This is where Dave and Mike Gibbins used to 'hang out' when they were living at 7 Park Avenue.
thanks to Roy Anderson and David Werner

Dave Jenkins playing lead guitar on "Midnight Sun", April 24, 2013, video still by Tom Brennan
On April 27, 2013, a tribute concert for Pete Ham took place in Swansea at The Grand Theatre, where former Badfinger member Bob Jackson fronted a group of former bandmates of Pete Ham and other local musicians. During the show, former Iveys members and close friends of Pete Ham, Dave Jenkins and Ron Griffiths were featured in a set of Iveys & early Badfinger songs. They performed (with Dave on lead guitar): "I Believe In You, Girl," "Midnight Sun," "Man Without A Heart," "Dear Angie," "Blodwyn," and "Come And Get It." Dave sang lead on "Man Without A Heart," and even added a new verse he wrote with his wife, because the original Pete Ham composition was too short. Ron Griffiths sang lead on all the other songs.
posted October 06, 2013

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