Joey Molland's Lyrics
compiled by Tom Brennan
last updated: October 26, 2014
Joey, 1979

early career (1966):
Gary Walker & The Rain (Joey Molland-far right)

Gary Walker & The Rain (1968-1969):
Doctor Doctor
Magazine Woman
Market Tavern
Take A Look
Thoughts Of An Old Man
The View

see Badfinger lyrics for Joey's songs with the group (1970-1974, 1978-1981)

demos written for Badfinger:
Miss Misunderstood [2 takes] (1972)
What You're Doin' (1973)

Natural Gas holding hands photo
with Natural Gas (1976):
The Christmas Song
Dark Cloud
I Believe It's Love
I've Been Waitin'
Little Darlin'
Once Again (A Love Song)

solo compositions (1980-2013):
All Caught Up (1992)
All I Ever Dreamed (2007)
All I Need Is Love
All The Way (1992)
All Your Lovin' (1983)
Angels Like Us (1992?)
Another Honeymoon (a.k.a. Another Day) (2001)
Birdsong (1992)
Borderline (1984)
Build A Ship To Mars
Bust, The (2001)
Cadillac Blues (1988)
Call Me
Can't Stop (1984)
Clouds Of Love (1980)
Dreams Of Thunder (1983)
Frank And Me
Got A Feeling
Happy (1996)
Hard Times (1992)
Here Comes Heartache (1983)
Hero (2007)
In My Dreams
In My Heart (1983)
I Said It's Alright (a.k.a. It's Alright) (1992)
Is It Any Wonder
Isn't That A Dream (a.k.a. Isn't It A Dream) (1995)
It's True (1988)
The King Of Kings (2004)
Life Song (1983)
Long, Long Way Back Home [a.k.a. Oh Yeah]
Love Can't Hide (1998)
A Love Song
Magic Of Love, The
Mean Jemima [remake] (1983)
Merry Christmas, Follow Your Star (1993)
Mirrors (1995)
Moolah Rey (1983)
Moonlight (1981)
No One Likes The Rain
What Else (Nothing) (2001)
Nothing's Forever (2007)
Only When It Rains
Panning Gold (1982)
The Party's Over
Rain (2007)
Sometimes [1994]
Still I Love You (2007)
Tell Me (2001)
This Must Be Love (2001)
This 'N' That
This Time (2007)
Three Minute Warning (2001)
Too Late To Cry (1983)
Treat Her Nice
Vampire Wedding
Walkin' The Floor (1983)
Walk Out In The Rain
Way To Be, A (2001)
What Happened (1983)
When (1980)
When I Was A Boy (2001)
Yesterday (2007)
You Make Me Sick (1992)
Your Eyes

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