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Young Savage Florida
compiled by Tom Brennan
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Young Savage Florida CD cover (front)

Young Savage Florida
by Various Artists
released: July 19, 1996
a Baskervinyl record

label: Aquatic Dogg Findings (ADF 9602)
associated labels: Blue Heart Records, Speed-o-meter Records

Compilation coordinator: Rob Keith
Designer: Brian Taylor
Mastered by John Stephan at Digital Recording Services, Tampa, FL

Young Savage Florida is a compilation of songs by various alternative musicians from the state of Florida.
I guess you could say this bizarre CD compilation from 1996 was the beginning of Mike Gibbins' official solo career after The Iveys, Badfinger and all the various attempts at Badfinger reunions and revivals. This has become quite a rare item since its original release, since only 1000-2000 copies were made, and it was targeted mainly to music fans in the Florida area. The two tracks on this compilation are the first demos Mike committed to tape with his new home studio after moving to Florida. These recordings were the beginning of what was to become the A Place In Time album, with "Layaway" being re-recorded for that first solo album.
"Dream Harder" would not see release again until a charity single in 2001, and not on an album release until Archeology in 2002.

The band:
Mike Gibbins: vocal, piano, drums
Allen Hewgley: bass, bottleneck guitar
Greg Reinel: guitar

recorded at White Noise Music, Orlando, FL
produced by Mike Gibbins
Copyright © 1996 Adivo Music (ASCAP)

Young Savage Florida tray card

Track listing:
01. Inspired (Rob Keith) by Baskervils (1:43)
02. Run And Hide (Ken Chiodini) by Hate Bombs (2:27)
03. Gonna Run My Mopar All Over You (Mark Warren/Dave Korman) by Leonard Croon Band (3:24)
04. Electric Sheila (Dave Reeder) by Car Bomb Driver (3:22)
05. Walking Bristol Bridge (Lewis Bailey) by Surf Kings (2:17)
06. Is This Her Day? (Paul Mutchler) by Lears (3:35)
07. Dream Harder (Ballad Of The Red Coats) (Mike Gibbins) by Mike Gibbins (3:53)
08. Peterbilt (Rancid Polecats) by Rancid Polecats (3:21)
09. Modulator (Gerald Hammill) by Edison Shine (5:06)
10. Stupid Cupid (Neil Sedaka/Howard Greenfield)/Kill The Keg (Aaron Jarvis/Pamela Suzanne Dozier) by Vodkats (3:34)
11. Hunk A Nookie (Harry Hayward) by Loco Siempre (2:41)
12. Mr. Wilson's Got The Bends Again (Rob Keith) by Baskervils (3:16)
13. 1" Punch (Dave Ewing/Scott Sugiuchi) by Hate Bombs (1:21)
14. Queen City (Dave Korman) by Leonard Croon Band (3:31)
15. Chick's Don't Dig Me (Dave Reeder) by Car Bomb Driver (2:15)
16. Phantom Of The Jetties (Lewis Bailey) by Surf Kings (2:38)
17. Her Magic Smile (Dennis Dalcin) by Lears (3:15)
18. Layaway (Mike Gibbins) by Mike Gibbins (5:24)
19. BBBB..... (Rancid Polecats) by Rancid Polecats (3:23)
20. Suburban Compound (Gerald Hammill) by Edison Shine (4:27)
21. Tell The King The Killer's Here (Ron Elliot) by Loco Siempre (3:46)
22. Shopping Mall Queen (Richard Barone) by Escargot (1:57)
23. Coffee Angel (John Stephan) by John Stephan (3:26)

Young Savage Florida notes (last page)

News regarding the CD release:
Florida new wave rock band The Baskervils has organized a compilation called "Young Savage Florida" that will feature Florida resident and original drummer for Badfinger, Mike Gibbins! These are the first solo ever from this rock n' roll legend! His tracks are called "Dream Harder (Ballad of the Redcoats)" and "Layaway." Both tracks feature Mike on lead vocals, the first of which over heavy Steve Jones-ish guitar strummed by Screamin' Iguanas of Love/Nicoteens guitar player Greg Reinel. "Layaway" is a lovely Badfinger styled mid-tempo rocker with very pretty George Harrison-ish guitar leads. He recorded the tracks in a home studio as demos for an upcoming full length release. The compilation will also contain two songs each from the following Florida based artists: The Lears, Baskervils, Car Bomb Driver, Edison Shine, Leonard Croon Band, Loco Siempre, Vodkats, Hate Bombs, Escargot, Surf Kings, and The Rancid Polecats, and pianist John Stephan. Quantities will be extremely limited - 1000 to 2000 copies worldwide! Release date is set for July 19th... To get on the "Young Savage Florida" mailing list, write to me by mail or internet - or Rob Keith 5006 Wesley Dr. Tampa, FL 33647
********************PARTY INFO****************************
The CD release parties are as following: JULY 19-TH, the Go! Lounge, Orlando, FL w/ Car Bomb Driver, the Baskervils, The Hate Bombs, and the Vodkats; JULY 20-TH, the State Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL w/ The Vodkats, the Lears, Car Bomb Driver, the Hate Bombs, The Rancid Polecats, Edison Shine, the Leonard Croon Band, Loco Siempre and the Baskervils...
Due to a seriously egregious albeit ACCIDENTAL omission...a groovy band many of you already know about, The LEARS, was left off the YOUNG SAVAGE FLORIDA announcement to the list...
thanks to Laura from The Baskervils

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