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After Five Years

All That Love
Along This Golden Mile
Another Time Another Place
Baby Love
Berkley House Hotel
Black Friday
Breaking Point
China Light
Christmas Time Feeling
City Lady
Costafine Town
Danger Zone
Domingo Bay
Don't Get Under My Feet
Don't Leave Me Now
Down By The Albion
Drink All Day (Got To Find Your Own Way Home)
Fixing To Stay
Flyin' Blind
God Save Us [Bill Elliott & Elastic Oz Band (without Bob Purvis)]
Gravy Train
Green Line Bus
Half Way There
Harder To Live
Haven't Got Time
I Apologize
I Can't Turn You On
If Somewhere And Somehow
I'll Bend For You
I Need Your Love
Is It For Life?
Little Girl
Little Piece Of Luck
Lonely Man
Love Is Not Enough (To Stay Alive)
Manhattan Nights
Me And My Bud
Motions Of Love
Never Went Back
New York City (Who Am I?)
Passing Through
Place I Love, The
Plane Leaving Tokyo
Please Help Me
Raincoat Salesman
Round & Round
Rush Of Daily Life
Situation Vacant
Sixty Miles Too Far
Somebody's City
Split Crow Road
Streets At Night
Sun Shine On Me
Swear To God
Take It Or Leave It
Taking Off
Then I Can Say Goodbye
This Is My Corner
This Time We're Gonna Come Through
Too Far Down The Line
Took My Breath Away
Touch Yet Never Feel
What Is It (If You Never Ever Tried It Yourself)
When Will You Let Go?
Where Do I Go From Here?
Which Way Will I Get Home?
White Shoe Weather
Why Can't We Live By The Sea?

Bob Purvis (solo)
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Cry From The Heart
Facing The Day

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