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New Beatles releases:
George Harrison: The Apple Years 1968-75 (7 CDs +DVD) remasters: September 22/23, 2014
The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night (remastered movie on Blu-ray and DVD): June 24, 2014
The Beatles: The U.S. Albums (13 CD box set): January 21, 2014
Paul McCartney: Off The Ground (remastered - no bonus tracks): January 21, 2014
The Beatles: On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2 (2 CDs): November 11, 2013
The Beatles: Live at the BBC (remastered, 2 CDs): November 11, 2013
Paul McCartney: New: October 15, 2013
The Beatles: Help (Blu-ray): June 25, 2013
Wings: Rock Show (DVD): June 10, 2013
Wings: Wings Over America -
Paul McCartney Archive Collection deluxe edition (3 CDs + Wings Over The World DVD): May 28, 2013

Upcoming Beatles releases:
Wings: Venus & Mars - Paul McCartney Archive Collection deluxe edition (2 CDs +DVD): November 3/4, 2014
Wings: Speed Of Sound - Paul McCartney Archive Collection deluxe edition (2 CDs +DVD): November 3/4, 2014
The Beatles: Let It Be (digitally restored DVD and Blu-ray): TBD
Ringo Starr: The Apple Years 1970-75 (4 or 5CDs +DVD) remasters: TBD

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Help! DVD set (2007)
The DVD IS a 2-disc set. Disc 1 features the original film digitally restored with a newly created 5.1 soundtrack, while Disc 2 contains an hour of extra features, including:

-- The Beatles in Help! -- 30 minute documentary about the making of the film with Richard Lester, the cast and crew. Includes exclusive behind the scenes footage of The Beatles on set.
-- A Missing Scene -- photos, plus an interview with Wendy Richard
-- The Restoration of Help! -- An in depth look at the restoration process.
-- Memories of Help! -- The cast and crew reminisce
-- Theatrical Trailers -- 2 US trailers and 1 Spanish trailer.
-- 1965 US Radio Spots -- Hidden in disc menus.

There are 2 editions of the DVD -- a standard digipack and a deluxe boxed set that will contain a reproduction of Richard Lester's original annotated script, 8 lobby cards and a poster, plus a 60-page book with rarely seen photographs and production notes from the movie. Both the deluxe book and the standard booklet feature an introduction by Richard Lester and an appreciation by Martin Scorsese.

Watch the 'Help!' DVD trailer here:
thanks to PRNewswire

The Beatles: The Capitol Albums Vol. 2 (4-CD box set)

On April 11, 2006 in the U.S., Capitol Records released a 4-CD box set of the 4 Beatles albums released in America originally in 1965. This is a limited edition containing a special 56-page booklet written by Beatles Capitol Records expert Bruce Spizer. The set contains the albums: "The Early Beatles", "Beatles VI", "Help! (soundtrack)" and "Rubber Soul". Both stereo & mono mixes of all the albums are included. Most of the songs are available officially for the first time on CD in these particular mixes.
Note: early copies of this release contain test "fold-down" mixes of "Beatles VI" and "Rubber Soul" instead of the "true" mono mixes. To exchange your 2 discs for the correct versions, follow the
instructions provided by EMI/Capitol. For "The Early Beatles" and the Help! Soundtrack, Capitol's original mono LP releases contained "fold-down" mono mixes created from the stereo mixes and are considered to be the correct historical mixes. True mono mixes of these recordings were issued in the U.K.

Volume 3 would leave "Yesterday... And Today" and "Revolver" remaining. This would be a great opportunity to use the "butcher" cover photos in the packaging! "Revolver" was the last of the Capitol albums where the track listing differs from the U.K. aside from "Magical Mystery Tour" which was a 2-EP set in the U.K. Since this set would only be 2 albums, there are 2 options to complete a 4-CD set. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "Magical Mystery Tour" would complete the set of Capitol's mono/stereo releases (Apple Records took over from here with stereo only releases; The White Album was not issued in mono in the U.S.). The other major option would be to release 2 of the compilations of missing tracks from Capitol's Beatles catalog like 1980's "Rarities" and possibly Apple's "Hey Jude" from 1970. A mono version of "Hey Jude" would need to be compiled since the album was only issued in stereo previously, but would be fairly easy to do since most of the tracks came from single releases. "Rarities" would be a little different since two of the tracks, "Helter Skelter" and "Don't Pass Me By" are only intended to be included in their mono mixes. They would be left out of the stereo configuration.

The Beatles: The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 (4-CD box set)

On November 16, 2004 in the U.S., Capitol Records released a 4-CD box set of the first 4 Beatles albums released in America originally in 1964. This is a limited edition containing a special 60-page booklet written by Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn [they spelled his name wrong on the press release!]. The set contains the albums: "Meet The Beatles", "The Beatles' Second Album", "Something New" and "Beatles '65". Both stereo & mono mixes of all the albums are included. Many of the songs are available officially for the first time on CD in stereo.

Let It Be... Naked

revised January 24, 2004, review by Tom Brennan added

The new version of the "Let It Be" album was coordinated by Abbey Road Studios veteran Allan Rouse, who has also worked on "The Beatles Anthology" and "Yellow Submarine Songtrack". The project was engineered & produced by Paul Hicks and Guy Massey, who have both worked on other Beatles remix projects. The team listened to all 30 reels of session tapes and tried various combinations of takes and edits. The album has been un-dubbed of orchestration, choirs and effects and stripped-back to the raw tracks.
Gone from the original album release are the background dialogue, "Dig It" and "Maggie Mae". "Don't Let Me Down" has been added to the running order.

Here is the track listing of what appears on the new disc:
1. Get Back - LP version produced by Spector but without the dialogue before & after the track. Still no coda as on the single mix, which was an edit piece from another take recorded on January 28, 1969 anyway. Recorded on January 27, 1969.
2. Dig A Pony - Spector's mix from the rooftop concert of January 30, 1969, except without the false start and dialogue at the beginning & end. A Lennon vocal mistake in the 2nd verse was repaired. Spector's mix has the "All I Want Is You" vocal intro and outro edited out. On this remix the edits are cleaner than before.
3. For You Blue - same as previous release (Spector's mix with overdubbed Harrison lead vocal), except much cleaner and Harrison's vocal can be heard a little bit better, especially at the end where you can now hear him clearly say "rhythm and blues". Recorded on January 25, 1969 with Harrison's vocal overdubbed on January 8, 1970.
4. The Long And Winding Road - This is the "film" version of the song as recorded on January 31, 1969 with some alternate lyrics ("always known", "waiting here"). Spector's version was a January 26, 1969 take with orchestra and other overdubs. Not a "stripped down" version as claimed in the press release; just another "live in the studio" take.
5. Two Of Us - Spector's master, except without Lennon's "I dig a pygmy..." dialogue edit piece at the beginning. This mix is spoiled by the fact that the whistling at the end is faded prematurely. Recorded January 31, 1969.
6. I've Got A Feeling - mixed from an edit of the 2 rooftop performances. The previous version was the complete first rooftop performance. I don't know why this has been changed. This song has been spoiled by mixing in sections of the second take which were supposed to be "more exciting" sections or "better". There was nothing wrong with the complete first take. To make matters worse, the lead guitar doesn't stand out enough. It's still too buried for my taste.
7. One After 909 - the rooftop recording as previously released, except the remix improves the track by bringing up Lennon's vocal and Preston's piano more than previously. No "Danny Boy" at the end this time.
8. Don't Let Me Down - an edit of the 2 rooftop performances, with Lennon's major vocal goof from the first performance fixed. The single version was an edit/remix of 2 different studio takes from January 28, 1969. This edited version works rather nicely and I actually prefer this new version to the original single version because it's more exciting and energetic.
9. I Me Mine - Spector's edit (lengthening the song), but with the orchestra removed. Very nice. Recorded on January 3, 1970.
10. Across The Universe - same as previous except all overdubs are removed. Also, the track is now at the correct speed and it has a nice touch of echo at the end. Excellent. This may be the definitive version of this song now. Recorded February 4, 1968 (take 7).
11. Let It Be - same master take as the single from January 31, 1969, except George Harrison's original guitar solo has been restored to the mix, although it's been flown in from another take because he made a mistake on the master take. The 2 lead guitars overdubbed by Harrison as heard on the single version and previous LP version are not used here. The orchestra has been removed also. The only overdubs that seem to have been used here are the backing vocals from January 4, 1970.

Disc 1 highlight: "Don't Let Me Down"
Disc 1 lowlight: "I've Got A Feeling"

The nearly 22-minute "fly on the wall" bonus disc (compiled by the BBC's Kevin Howlett) is a big disappointment as is the CD booklet, which is all gray and has no color photos at all. It also lacks recording details about the tracks. The bonus disc mainly serves the purpose of documenting The Beatles talking about the different concepts they had for the "Get Back" project and the concert they were planning to give. It illustrates how their ideas changed and progressed over the 4 weeks of rehearsals. Most of the music used here is in incomplete fragments and doesn't serve much purpose except to "spice up" the dialogue segments.Only the early Lennon-McCartney composition "Because I Know You Love Me So" is complete enought to be enjoyable. The rest of it is just plain frustrating, especially considering the fact that there is 50+ minutes left on the CD that could have been filled. Also apparent here is that there are no Beatles jams of cover tunes like Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry or Carl Perkins. All the songs included on the bonus CD are written by The Beatles or are public domain (Maggie Mae).

Here is the track listing of what appears on the "Fly On The Wall" disc:
Sun King
Don't Let Me Down
One After 909
Because I Know You Love Me So
Don't Pass Me By
Taking A Trip To Carolina
John's Piano Piece
Child Of Nature
Back In The U.S.S.R.
Every Little Thing
Don't Let Me Down
All Things Must Pass
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
conversation: "since Mr. Epstein passed away"
Paul's Piano Piece
conversation: Live show in Arabia on a boat
Get Back
conversation: "I didn't know that"
Two Of Us [Jan. 24]
Maggie Mae [Jan. 24]
Fancy My Chances With You [Jan. 24]
conversation: plan to trespass for the concert and get ejected
Can You Dig It? [Jan. 26]
Get Back
conversation [Apple]
goodnight from Paul

The "Let It Be" film will hopefully be issued on DVD in 2008.

some track information from Matt Hurwitz's article in ICE magazine, issue 201

story from Reuters
Rare tapes of The Beatles' most famous recording session were seized on Friday, January 10, 2003 in an anti-piracy swoop more than 30 years after they went missing, police said. Detectives in southeast England and The Netherlands arrested six people and found hundreds of tapes of the Fab Four playing in 1969. Police found 500 reel-to-reel tapes with dozens of songs made at the infamous "Get Back" sessions during which arguments split the band. "The tapes themselves are the only original recordings made and may contain material which has never been previously released," City of London police said in a statement. "This fact renders the tapes to be priceless to the record industry and collectors of Beatles memorabilia." Beatles fans have been able to buy pirate copies of the recordings for years. The tapes cover a key chapter in the band's history and contain songs which later formed part of the "Let it Be" album. Police said two people were arrested on suspicion of theft and handling stolen goods in west London and four in an unnamed town west of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. No more details of the suspects were released. The raids came after an investigation by police and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the London-based body which represents the global recording industry. IFPI chairman Jay Berman praised the police operation and said music piracy had become increasingly sophisticated. EMI Group Plc (news - web sites), the British record company which owns the tapes, said it was unclear what would now happen to the tapes.

Beatles Anthology 5 DVD set (April 1, 2003 release)

It will be a 5-disc set and will include as a bonus the unreleased footage of Paul, George and Ringo talking and playing together at Friar Park. 4 discs are the original documentary newly mixed in 5.1 surround sound with picture restoration and the 5th disc is all bonus material including:
Recollections (June 1994): Paul, George, and Ringo spend a summer's day together singing, playing and warmly remembering the early days
Back at Abbey Road (May 1995): Paul, George, and Ringo at Abbey Road Studios with George Martin, play back the multi-tracks of some of their classic recordings and reveal the inventive techniques used during the original sessions
Recording "Free as a Bird" & "Real Love": Paul, George, and Ringo, along with Jeff Lynne discuss the story behind these recordings - includes intimate footage of them at work in the studio
Real Love Video: The video not screened as part of the original Anthology series, now in glorious 5.1 surround sound
Compiling the Anthology Albums: Paul, George, Ringo, and George Martin talk about how the three Anthology double albums were compiled
Making the "Free as a Bird" video: An intriguing insight from director Joe Pytka into how the Grammy Award winning video was created
Production Team: The team behind the Anthology series discuss how the programmes were made.

article from

CD analysis by Tom Brennan
last modified: September 22, 2000

The 910
Doug Sulpy
12 Lenape Trail
Albrightsville, PA 18210
e-mail and Paypal:
Visit to purchase The 910 or Doug Sulpy books.

The Beatles Radio Performances, The 910's Definitive Guide

For years, Doug Sulpy's "Beatles Guide" books have been assisting collectors in assembling the most comprehensive and best sounding versions of every verified recording performed by the group. Now, Doug has created "The Beatles Radio Performances" Master Guide which focuses solely on the group's radio performances from 1962 to 1965, examining this aspect of their career in more detail than has ever been assembled before.

Every single broadcast show is discussed, along with:

  • The best circulating (or non-circulating) source
  • The dates recorded and broadcast.  
  • Cover versions - especially for songs that they never officially recorded - are given historical context.

No other work provides this level of research.  Using this Guide, Beatles fans and collectors can compile for themselves a complete collection - in the best quality - of these vital recordings. 

The new Guide is available in BOTH .pdf as well as a Limited Edition hardcover version, with options to order the .pdf or hardcover separately, or a special price to order both  (first come, first served for the hardcovers). The .pdf version is slightly more up-to-date than the hardcover, due to additions or corrections that have come up since the book went to press. An errata sheet will be included with the hardcover copies discussing the most significant of these.

The 910 Volume 13, No. 4-5
Volume 13, No. 4-5 is available now.
This Summer 2014 double issue is $10.95.
The biggest "910" newsletter ever! A double-issue (plus), the latest 27 page "910" features Doug's analysis of the new "Shea!" and "A Hard Day's Night" videos, plus a run-down on the official iTunes "Bootleg Recordings 1963" and BBC sets and a new editorial about the "U.S. Albums" box.  In addition, the "Take It Off" bootleg is taken apart, and some comprehensive Lennon/McCartney compilations detailed. There are more bootleg reviews and news, and we also have book reviews of Lewisohn's massive "Tune In" biography, and Luca Perasi's book about Paul McCartney's session recordings.

The 910 is now sold on an issue by issue basis in .pdf format (no subscriptions)! A single issue .pdf file is $4.95 - regardless of where you live. This will be fully printable, and in full color (it will also be password protected). As each new issue comes out, it’ll be announced on “The 910” discussion board.

The 910 Discussion Board



John Paul Tom and Ringo DVD
Released on April 1, 2008 is a 2-DVD collection of interviews from The Tomorrow Show hosted by the late Tom Snyder. Included are John Lennon's April 25, 1975 interview, Paul McCartney's 1979 interview and Ringo Starr's 1981 interview.


Starting August 14, 2007, the John Lennon Solo Catalog with be available on the iTunes Store ( Sixteen of Lennon's solo works from EMI Music are available for the first time on iTunes, with the “Lennon Legend” and “Acoustic” collections making their worldwide digital debuts. For a limited period of 30 days, exclusive video content will be included with the albums “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band,” “Sometime in New York City,” “Walls and Bridges,” “Milk and Honey” and the collections “Anthology” and “Working Class Hero.”

As part of EMI Music’s digital catalog, the John Lennon solo works will be available in iTunes Plus, offering DRM-free music tracks with high quality 256 kbps AAC encoding for audio quality virtually indistinguishable from the original recordings -- for just $1.29 per song.

The U.S. vs. John Lennon soundtrack CD: September 26, 2006
U.S. vs. John Lennon CD
01. Power To The People
02. Nobody Told Me
03. Working Class Hero
04. I Found Out
05. Bed Peace
06. The Ballad Of John & Yoko
07. Give Peace A Chance
08. Love
09. Attica State [Live in Ann Arbor]
10. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
11. I Don't Want To Be A Soldier
12. Imagine
13. How Do You Sleep? [instrumental]
14. New York City
15. John Sinclair [Live in Ann Arbor]
16. Scared
17. God
18. Here We Go Again
19. Give Me Some Truth
20. Oh My Love
21. Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)

Imagine John Lennon deluxe edition DVD: December 6, 2005
Imagine John Lennon deluxe edition DVD

Walls And Bridges CD remaster with bonus tracks: released November 22, 2005
Walls And Bridges (2005 CD cover)
Track Listings:
01. Going Down On Love (remixed)
02. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (remixed)
03. Old Dirt Road (re-mastered)
04. What You Got (remixed)
05. Bless You (re-mastered)
06. Scared (re-mastered)
07. #9 Dream (remixed)
08. Surprise Surprise (remixed)
09. Steel & Glass (remixed)
10. Beef Jerky (remixed)
11. Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out) (re-mastered)
12. Ya Ya (remixed)
13. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Live with Elton John)
14. Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out) (alternative version)
15. John interviewed by Bob Mercer

John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Some Time In New York City CD remaster with bonus tracks (including Xmas single): November 22, 2005
Some Time In New York City (CD cover)
Track Listings:
01. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
02. Sisters, O Sisters
03. Attica State
04. Born In A Prison
05. New York City
06. Sunday Bloody Sunday
07. The Luck Of The Irish
08. John Sinclair
09. Angela
10. We're All Water [edited]
11. Cold Turkey [The Plastic Ono Band live at the Lyceum Ballroom 1969]
12. Don't Worry, Kyoko [The Plastic Ono Band live at the Lyceum Ballroom 1969]
13. Well (Baby Please Don't Go) [John & Yoko and The Mothers of Invention live at the Fillmore East 1971]
14. Listen, The Snow is Falling
15. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

John Lennon: "The Dick Cavett Show: John & Yoko Collection" 2-DVD set: November 1, 2005
The Dick Cavett Show-John & Yoko collection DVD set

John Lennon: "Working Class Hero-The Definitive Lennon" 2-CD set: October 4, 2005
Working Class Hero-The Definitive Lennon 2-CD set

Lennon Legend DVD

"Lennon Legend" was released on DVD on November 18, 2003 with 5.1 surround sound!
The DVD includes remixes of tracks with previously unreleased complete endings:
Instant Karma
Power To The People
Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
Stand By Me
Borrowed Time


Paul McCartney sessions 1969-1971

Ram (Paul McCartney Archive Collection, 2012)
The fourth release from the Paul McCartney Archive Collection is coming on May 21/22, 2012 (deluxe book, special & standard editions)...
Deluxe Edition Box Set: 4 CD/1 DVD box set & download including 112 page book, 5 prints in vintage style photographic wallet, 8 full size facsimiles of Paul's original handwritten lyric sheets and mini photographic book of outtakes from the original album cover photo shoot (Some of the photos were available in the Wingspan book).
Hi-Res: 24bit 96kHz files of the remastered and bonus audio CD, accessed via a download code inserted on a card within the deluxe edition package.
Vinyl: 2LP 180gm, gatefold vinyl with download Remastered album, bonus audio disc plus digital download of all 20 tracks Limited Edition Mono Vinyl: 1LP Remastered mono album
Digital: "Ram" will be available for download across a variation of digital configurations including Mastered for iTunes and High Resolution.

Ram track listing:

CD 1 -
Remastered Stereo Album:
1. Too Many People 2. Three Legs 3. Ram On 4. Dear Boy 5. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 6. Smile Away 7. Heart Of The Country 8. Monkberry Moon Delight 9. Eat At Home 10. Long Haired Lady 11. Ram On [reprise]/Big Barn Bed [trailer] 12. The Back Seat Of My Car
CD 2
- Bonus Audio Tracks:
1. Another Day 2. Oh Woman, Oh Why 3. Little Woman Love 4. A Love For You [Jon Kelly remix] 5. Hey Diddle [Dixon Van Winkle mix] 6. The Great Cock And Seagull Race [Dixon Van Winkle mix] 7. Rode All Night 8. Sunshine Sometime [earliest mix]
CD 3 - Remastered Mono Album: 1. Too Many People 2. Three Legs 3. Ram On 4. Dear Boy 5. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 6. Smile Away 7. Heart Of The Country 8. Monkberry Moon Delight 9. Eat At Home 10. Long Haired Lady 11. Ram On [reprise]/Big Barn Bed [trailer] 12. The Back Seat Of My Car
CD 4 - Remastered "Thrillington" Album: 1. Too Many People 2. Three Legs 3. Ram On 4. Dear Boy 5. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 6. Smile Away 7. Heart Of The Country 8. Monkberry Moon Delight 9. Eat At Home 10. Long Haired Lady 11. The Back Seat Of My Car

1. Ramming [new 15 minute documentary] 2. Heart Of The Country promo film 3. Three Legs promo film 4. Hey Diddle [Paul & Linda performing outside in Scotland, unedited] 5. Eat At Home on tour [Behind the scenes footage (thanks to Denny Seiwell) from 1972 European tour]... Menu music features six "Now Hear This" jingles (the ones that don't contain music from the album - they are tracks 02, 04, 05, 09, 12 and 14 out of fifteen total from the original Brung To Ewe By promo disc).

plus Two digital-only bonus tracks will be available via and iTunes:
1. introduction/opening instrumental/Eat At Home/Smile Away [Live in Groningen: August 19, 1972]
2. Uncle Albert-Cumberland Gap [jam]

Kisses On The Bottom by Paul McCartney
Coming in time for Valentine's Day on February 6/7, 2012 is Paul McCartney's new CD (on the Hear Music label) of old standards plus 2 new original new songs, produced by Tommy LiPuma and Diana Krall. The album was recorded at the legendary Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, New York and London throughout 2011. It also features guest musicians Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder, respectively, on the original compositions "My Valentine" and "Only Our Hearts." For an extra $5, you can get the deluxe edition which comes with a download card for 4 songs from McCartney's February 9, 2012 live performance at Capitol Records studios. The deluxe edition from Target stores will get you 2 bonus tracks (*See tracks 15-16 below). These are also available on iTunes.

Track listing:
01. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
02. Home (When Shadows Fall)
03. It's Only A Paper Moon
04. More I Cannot Wish You
05. The Glory Of Love
06. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)
07. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
08. My Valentine
09. Always
10. My Very Good Friend The Milkman
11. Bye Bye Blackbird
12. Get Yourself Another Fool
13. The Inch Worm
14. Only Our Hearts
15. *Baby's Request [2011 remake]
16. *My One And Only Love

On March 6, 2012, iTunes will be releasing nine live tracks from the February 9, 2012 iTunes Live from Capitol Studios performance...
This album is mastered for iTunes. On February 9, 2012, Paul McCartney capped a day in which he received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by singing in the legendary Capitol Studios. Backed by all-star musicians, he revisited a majority of Kisses On The Bottom in the same historic setting where he had recorded half of it. This album of standards had been released two days earlier, and guests who'd played on it -- including guitarists John Pizzarelli and Anthony Wilson, pianist/vocalist Diana Krall, and vibraphonist Mike Mainieri -- returned for the live festivities. It was McCartney as strictly vocalist as he put his distinct spin on the string-backed "Home (When Shadows Fall)" and the gently swinging "We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)." He also gave the performance debut of his new song "My Valentine,"with Joe Walsh of Eagles fame on acoustic guitar (Eric Clapton played on the album version).
Track listing:
01. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
02. Home (When Shadows Fall)
03. More I Cannot Wish You
04. The Glory Of Love
05. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
06. My Valentine
07. Always

08. Bye Bye Blackbird
09. Get Yourself Another Fool

McCartney & McCartney II (Archive collection, 2011)
The second & third releases from the Paul McCartney Archive Collection are coming on June 13/14, 2011:
McCartney track listing:

CD 1 - Remastered Album: 1. The Lovely Linda 2. That Would Be Something 3. Valentine Day 4. Every Night 5. Hot As Sun/Glasses/Suicide

[fragment] 6. Junk 7. Man We Was Lonely 8. Oo You 9. Momma Miss America 10. Teddy Boy 11. Singalong Junk 12. Maybe I'm Amazed 13. Kreen-Akrore
CD 2 - Bonus Audio Tracks: 1. Suicide [complete take] 2. Maybe I'm Amazed [from One Hand Clapping, 1974] 3. Every Night [Live at Glasgow, 1979] 4. Hot As Sun [Live at Glasgow, 1979] 5. Maybe I'm Amazed [Live at Glasgow, 1979] 6. Don't Cry Baby [outtake] 7. Women Kind [demo, mono]
DVD - Bonus Film: 1. The Album Story 2. The Beach 3. Maybe I'm Amazed Music Video 4. Suicide [from One Hand Clapping, 1974] 5. Every Night [Live at Concert for the People of Kampuchea] 6. Hot As Sun [Live at Concert for the People of Kampuchea] 7. Junk [MTV Unplugged] 8. That Would Be Something [MTV Unplugged]
McCartney II track listing:
CD 1 – Remastered Album: 1. Coming Up 2. Temporary Secretary 3. On The Way 4. Waterfalls 5. Nobody Knows 6. Front Parlour 7. Summer's Day Song 8. Frozen Jap 9. Bogey Music 10. Darkroom 11. One Of These Days
CD 2 – Bonus Audio 1: 1. Blue Sway [with Richard Niles Orchestration] 2. Coming Up [Live at Glasgow, 1979] 3. Check My Machine [B-side single edit] 4. Bogey Wobble 5. Secret Friend 6. Mr H. Atom/You Know I'll Get You Baby 7. Wonderful Christmastime [edited (single) version] 8. All You Horse Riders/Blue Sway
CD 3- Bonus Audio 2 (part of Deluxe 3 CD/1 DVD edition only): 1. Coming Up [full length version] 2. Front Parlour [full length version] 3. Frozen Jap [full length version] 4. Darkroom [full length version] 5. Check My Machine [full length version] 6. Wonderful Christmastime [full length version] 7. Summer's Day Song [instrumental version] 8. Waterfalls [DJ edit]
DVD – Bonus Film: 1. Meet Paul McCartney 2. Coming Up music video 3. Waterfalls music video 4. Wonderful Christmastime music video 5. Coming Up [Live at Concert for the People of Kampuchea] 6. 'Coming Up' [taken from a rehearsal session at Lower Gate Farm, 1979] 7. Making the Coming Up music video 8. Blue Sway

The first release from the Paul McCartney Archive collection is Band On The Run, released on November 2, 2010.
Track Listings Disc: 1 1. Band on the Run 2. Jet 3. Bluebird 4. Mrs Vandebilt 5. Let Me Roll It 6. Mamunia 7. No Words 8. Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me) 9. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five Disc 2: 1. Helen Wheels 2. Country Dreamer 3. Bluebird [from One Hand Clapping] 4. Jet [from One Hand Clapping] 5. Let Me Roll It [from One Hand Clapping] 6. Band on the Run [from One Hand Clapping] 7. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five [from One Hand Clapping] 8. Country Dreamer [from One Hand Clapping] 9. Zoo Gang Disc 3: 1. Band on the Run Music Video 2. Mamunia Music Video 3. Album Promo [Featuring Band on the Run, Mrs Vandebilt, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five, Bluebird] 4. Helen Wheels Music Video 5. Wings In Lagos 6. Osterley Park 7. One Hand Clapping
[edited documentary]

Paul McCartney’s historic Concert opening up Citi Field in New York City this summer (2009) has just been released (November 2009) on a 2 CD/1 DVD set. There is also a Limited Edition 2CD/2DVD set which includes the bonus DVD of Paul’s 40 minute impromptu concert on the Marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater the day he appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. There is other bonus footage and a book to go with the Deluxe Edition as well.

A new Paul McCartney 3-DVD collection, called "The McCartney Years" will see release on November 13, 2007. It features exclusive commentary, behind the scenes footage, over 40 music videos (promo films), and 2 hours of historic live performances, spanning his entire solo career.
McCartney Years DVD box
Discs 1 and 2 contain music videos, starting with Maybe I'm Amazed and ending with 2005's Fine Line. Included are Band On The Run, Say Say Say, and Biker Like An Icon. Disc 3 includes live performances from "Rockshow" (1976), "Unplugged" (1991) and The Glastonbury Festival (2004). Bonus material includes archive interviews with Melvyn Bragg and Michael Parkinson, alternative versions of music videos, and the full-length 2005 documentary "Creating Chaos at Abbey Road". This collection has been meticulously restored, and all films polished and re-graded in widescreen format with re-mastered stereo audio, and for the first time, the original recordings re-mixed into 5.1 surround sound.

Disc 1:
Tug Of War
Say Say Say
Silly Love Songs
Band On The Run
Maybe I'm Amazed
Heart Of The Country
With A Little Luck
Goodnight Tonight
My Love
C Moon
Baby's Request
Hi Hi Hi
Ebony And Ivory
Take It Away
Mull Of Kintyre
Helen Wheels
I've Had Enough
Coming Up
Wonderful Christmastime

Disc 2:

Pipes Of Peace
My Brave Face
Beautiful Night
Fine Line
No More Lonely Nights
This One
Little Willow
Pretty Little Head
Hope Of Deliverance
Once Upon A Long Ago
All My Trials
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
No Other Baby
Off The Ground
Biker Like An Icon
Spies Like Us
Put It There
Figure Of Eight
C'mon People

Disc 3:
From "Rock Show":
Venus And Mars/Rock Show/Jet
Maybe I'm Amazed
Lady Madonna
Listen To What The Man Said

From "MTV Unplugged":
I Lost My Little Girl
Every Night
And I Love Her
That Would Be Something

From Glastonbury, 2004:
Flaming Pie
Let Me Roll It
Band On The Run
Back In The USSR
Live And Let Die
Hey Jude
Helter Skelter
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Paul McCartney: "Live at the ICA Festival" (iTunes exclusive EP): August 21, 2007
1. Coming Up (3:45)
2. Only Mama Knows (3:49)
3. That Was Me (2:59)
4. Jet (4:22)
5. Nod Your Head (2:40)
6. House Of Wax (5:17)
Total time - 22:58

Memory Almost Full by Paul McCartney
Apple® announced that Paul McCartney’s new album, "Memory Almost Full" is available for digital pre-order beginning May 15, 2007 exclusively on the iTunes® Store ( iTunes customers pre-ordering the 13 track album in the US will receive the "Dance Tonight" music video when the album is delivered and the single “Ever Present Past”, immediately upon pre-ordering the new album. Additionally, Paul McCartney's full catalog of 25 solo albums will be available for the first time digitally on iTunes later this month (May).

“Paul McCartney is one of the greatest musicians of all time, and we're extremely excited to offer his first digitally distributed album on iTunes,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.

“’Memory Almost Full’ is a very personal album for me, and I'm thrilled to let fans experience it in a whole new way,” said Paul McCartney. “There’s no better time to make this music available through iTunes.”

“Memory Almost Full”, McCartney's latest solo album, will be publicly available for purchase on June 5th, 2007 and represents the first global release by Hear Music, the newly formed record label from Starbucks Entertainment and Concord Music Group. iTunes customers in the US participating in the pre-sale will receive a free download of the music video for the album's opening track "Dance Tonight" which stars Natalie Portman and was directed by acclaimed director Michel Gondry. Outside North America, iTunes customers who pre-order the album will get an exclusive acoustic version of the single “Dance Tonight”.
excerpts of press release from

Paul McCartney: "Memory Almost Full" (deluxe edition): June 5, 2007
Memory Almost Full (deluxe edition)
Disc 1:
01. Dance Tonight
02. Ever Present Past
03. See Your Sunshine
04. Only Mama Knows
05. You Tell Me
06. Mr. Bellamy
07. Gratitude
08. Vintage Clothes
09. That Was Me
10. Feet In The Clouds
11. House of Wax
12. The End Of The End
13. Nod Your Head

Disc 2:
01. In Private
02. Why So Blue
03. 222
04. Paul talks about the music of Memory Almost Full

Memory Almost Full 2nd deluxe edition
On November 6, 2007, an updated deluxe edition of "Memory Almost Full" was released. It now includes the following live performances from London's Electric Ballroom as well as the music videos for "Ever Present Past" and "Dance Tonight":

1. Drive My Car
2. Dance Tonight
3. House Of Wax
4. Nod Your Head
5. Only Mama Knows

Paul McCartney: "The Space Within US" DVD (2005 U.S. tour): November 14, 2006
Space Within US DVD

Paul McCartney: "Chaos And Creation In The Backyard" CD (+DVD - special edition only): September 13, 2005
Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (special edition CD & DVD)Chaos And Creation In The Backyard CD

"Live 8" 4-DVD set, including Paul McCartney: November 7, 2005
Live 8 DVD set

Paul McCartney: "Paul McCartney in Red Square" DVD (includes 50 minutes of highlights of 2004 St. Petersburg concert + director's cut of documentary film): June 14, 2005
Paul McCartney in Red Square DVD


Released on June 16, 2009 is this new George Harrison compilation. I'm still not quite sure if it's supposed to be a greatest hits collection, follow some kind of spiritual theme, or is just a sampling of his best musical works. Whatever the case may be, this is a nice collection with some clean sounding remastering. The only complaint I have is the use of crossfading between some of the songs in the second half of the collection. This is very bad for those of us (like myself) who listen to most of their music from an iPod. The crossfades occur between the three songs When We Was Fab, Something [Live at Madison Square Garden], and Blow Away, and between the two songs Here Comes The Sun [Live at Madison Square Garden] and I Don't Want To Do It. If you buy from iTunes, as a bonus you get a demo version of Isn't It A Pity? This bonus track does not fit on the CD (it pushes the total time over 80 minutes). Apparently, the Harrison estate wanted this to be a 2-CD collection, however EMI rejected that idea, wanting to keep it an affordable one disc set.
Let It Roll cover art
Track listing:
01. Got My Mind Set On You
02. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
03. Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
04. My Sweet Lord
05. While My Guitar Gently Weeps [Live at Madison Square Garden]
06. All Things Must Pass
07. Any Road
08. This Is Love
09. All Those Years Ago
10. Marwa Blues
11. What Is Life
12. Rising Sun
13. When We Was Fab
14. Something [Live at Madison Square Garden]
15. Blow Away
16. Cheer Down
17. Here Come The Sun [Live at Madison Square Garden]
18. I Don't Want To Do It [album version (Porky's Revenge soundtrack)]
19. Isn't It A Pity? [version 1]
20. Isn't It A Pity? [demo version]*
*available from iTunes only when purchased with the entire album

There has been a lot of discussion since this release of what should have been on the 2nd disc of this collection, so here is my list (which clocks in at over 76 minutes without the bonus track):
01. Crackerbox Palace [hit song from "33 1/3"]
02. Your Love Is Forever [one of George's best love songs]
03. The Answer's At The End [another tribute to Sir Frankie Crisp]
04. Mystical One [one of George's best spiritual songs]
05. This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying) [sequel to "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and a minor hit single]
06. Living In The Material World [humor, a catchy tune and Indian music all rolled it one song!]
07. Horse To The Water [George's last recording]
08. Love Comes To Everyone [minor hit from "George Harrison"]
09. Don't Let Me Wait Too Long [one of the best tracks on "Living In The Material World" which was almost a single]
10. Never Get Over You [got lots of airplay - better than "Rising Sun" in my opinion]
11. You [hit song from "Extra Texture"]
12. So Sad [excellent guitar work-from "Dark Horse"]
13. Gone Troppo [another great example of George's humor in a catchy tune]
14. Beautiful Girl [standout track from "33 1/3"]
15. Dark Horse [hit song from 1974]
16. This Song [hit song from "33 1/3" and another humor song]
17. Dream Away [for "Time Bandits" film]
18. Bangla Desh [studio version-minor hit in 1971]
19. Mo* [one of the best melodies and guitar hooks George every wrote - never released on a Harrison album]
* as the iTunes bonus track


Starting October 9, 2007, the George Harrison Solo Catalog with be available on the iTunes Store ( All his solo albums except for "Wonderwall Music", "Electronic Sound", "The Concert For Bangladesh" and the two that have yet to be remastered, "Dark Horse" (plus its potential bonus track I Don't Care Anymore) and "Extra Texture" are available as download purchases. Four new bonus tracks are available but only if you buy the entire album online. They are: Learning How To Love You [early mix] from "Thirty-Three And A Third", Blow Away [demo] from "George Harrison", Flying Hour from "Somewhere In England", and Got My Mind Set On You [extended version] (to 5:17) from "Cloud Nine". Other tracks not available for individual purchase are any tracks longer than 7 minutes, including Isn't It A Pity [version 1]. Not available at all is the single song Bangla Desh which has yet to be remastered, and will most likely appear on a future remastered "Best Of George Harrison" collection.

As part of EMI Music’s digital catalog, the George Harrison solo works will be available in iTunes Plus, offering DRM-free music tracks with high quality 256 kbps AAC encoding for audio quality virtually indistinguishable from the original recordings -- for just $1.29 per song. In addition, they are available as ringtones.

Update: The new bonus tracks can be purchased individually from Walmart via
posted December 2, 2008

Travelin Wilburys collection
On June 12, 2007, "The Traveling Wilburys Collection" was released. This collection debuted at #1 in 5 different countries, including the U.K., Ireland, and Australia! The 1st deluxe edition sold out within minutes of release and a 2nd edition is being released on November 20, 2007. There will also be a 2nd vinyl box set which includes an unreleased version of "Not Alone Any More".

Disc 1 (Traveling Wilburys, Volume 1):
01. Handle With Care
02. Dirty World
03. Rattled
04. Last Night
05. Not Alone Any More
06. Congratulations
07. Heading For The Light
08. Margarita
09. Tweeter And The Monkey Man
10. End Of The Line
bonus tracks:
11. Maxine
12. Like A Ship
These outtakes have been completed with the addition of guitar overdubs, especially Maxine which was lacking a proper ending.

Disc 2 (DVD):
01. The True History of The Traveling Wilburys [video documentary]
Most of the documentary was taped in May 1988 during recording of basic tracks in Dave Stewart's house which had a control room and a vocal booth. The acoustic guitars (and some percussion) were recorded in the kitchen!
02. Handle With Care [promo film]
03. End Of The Line [promo film]
04. She's My Baby [promo film]
05. Inside Out [promo film]
06. Wilbury Twist [promo film]

Disc 3 (Traveling Wilburys, Volume 3):
01. She's My Baby
02. Inside Out
03. If You Belonged To Me
04. The Devil's Been Busy
05. 7 Deadly Sins
06. Poor House
07. Where Were You Last Night?
08. Cool Dry Place
09. New Blue Moon
10. You Took My Breath Away
11. Wilbury Twist
bonus tracks:
12. Nobody's Child (previously released on "Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal")
13. Runaway (B-side to "She's My Baby" U.K. CD and 12") [contains pre-song chatter and count-in, not previously included]

Living In The Material World, 1992 CD reissue

On September 26, 2006 in the U.S., George Harrison's 2nd solo album from 1973, "Living In The Material World" was reissued as a standard CD and deluxe CD/DVD edition. In addition to the remastered album, the two non-LP B-sides "Deep Blue" from 1971 and "Miss O'Dell" from 1973 will make their first appearance on CD. The DVD in the deluxe version will contain a live performance of "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)" from the 1991 Japanese tour, a mini-feature using film footage of the album's production, and previously unreleased versions of "Miss O'Dell" and "Sue Me, Sue You Blues" set to visuals of unseen archival material.

Concert For Bangladesh DVD (2005)

The DVD was released by WMG (Warner Music Group) in the U.S. on October 25, 2005, and October 24 in the rest of the world, as a 2-disc package, including the original 99-minute film restored and remixed in 5.1, as well as 72-minutes of extras.

The extras feature a 45-minute documentary "The Concert For Bangladesh Revisited with George Harrison & friends", about the background to the two shows with exclusive interviews and contributions from U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Sir Bob Geldof. There is also previously unseen footage: "If Not For You", featuring George and Bob Dylan from rehearsals, "Come On In My Kitchen" featuring George, Eric Clapton and Leon Russell at the sound check and a Bob Dylan performance from the afternoon show of "Love Minus Zero/No Limit", not included in the original film.

Apple Corps/WMG will also simultaneously release a special deluxe version (limited to 50,000 copies worldwide) that will feature a 64-page book and other collectibles. Only the deluxe version utilizes the original cover artwork. All other releases use a new cover featuring a picture of George playing guitar at the concert as shown above.

The album of the concert has been remixed and repackaged as a 2-disc set, and was released in the U.S. on October 25, 2005 by Capitol Records and on October 24 in the rest of the world, by Sony BMG Entertainment. This will contain an additional track - the Bob Dylan performance of "Love Minus Zero/No Limit".

Concert For Bangladesh DVD set (deluxe edition)

George Harrison: "Rock Icons" 3-DVD set (includes George Harrison's appearance on "The Dick Cavett Show" on November 23, 1971): August 2, 2005
The Dick Cavett Show-Rock Icons (3-DVD set)


RINGO 2012
Ringo 2012
Released on January 30/31, 2012 on Hip-O Records. This is Ringo's 17th solo studio album, and his 2nd on the Hip-O/Ume label. Produced by Ringo, it was recorded in L.A. and mixed in England by Ringo and Bruce Sugar. Of the 9 tracks, two are covers, "Think It Over," and "Rock Island Line" and two are new versions of his own songs from the 1970s, "Wings" and "Step Lightly." An exclusive CD+DVD version is available from
Joining Ringo in the studio for Ringo 2012 were musicians (in alphabetical order): Michael Bradford, Ann Marie Calhoun, Matt Cartsonis, Steve Dudas, Charlie Haden, Amy Keys, Kelly Moneymaker, Richard Page, Van Dyke Parks, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Dave Stewart, Bruce Sugar, Benmont Tench, Joe Walsh, Don Was, and Edgar Winter.

Track listing:
1. Anthem (Richard Starkey/Glen Ballard)
2. Wings [remake] (Richard Starkey/Vince Poncia)
3. Think It Over (Buddy Holly/Norman Perry)
4. Samba (Richard Starkey/Van Dyke Parks)
5. Rock Island Line (Traditional, arrangement by Richard Starkey)
6. Step Lightly [remake] (Richard Starkey)
7. Wonderful (Richard Starkey/Gary Nicholson)
8. In Liverpool (Richard Starkey/Dave Stewart)
9. Slow Down (Richard Starkey/Joe Walsh)

Y Not by Ringo Starr
Released on January 11/12, 2010 on Hip-O Records. This is Ringo's 16th solo studio album, and his 1st on the Hip-O/Ume label.

Track Listing:
01. Fill In The Blanks
02. Peace Dream
03. The Other Side Of Liverpool
04. Walk With You [featuring Paul McCartney]
05. Time
06. Everyone Wins [remake]
07. Mystery Of The Night
08. Can't Do It Wrong
09. Y Not
10. Who's Your Daddy

Ringo Starr 5.1 DVD Audio" March 4, 2008
This is a "best of" compilation remixed in 5.1 surround of Ringo's two Koch albums, "Ringo Rama" and "Choose Love".
Ringo 5.1 DVD audio
5.1 Track Listing:
01. Fading in Fading Out
02. Never Without You
03. Choose Love
04. Imagine Me There
05. Oh My Lord
06. Memphis In Your Mind
07. Give Me Back the Beat
08. Love First Ask Questions Later
09. Don't Hang Up
10. Eye to Eye
11. Some People
12. Elizabeth Reigns
13. I Really Love Her [bonus track]

Ringo Starr: "Liverpool 8" CD: January 15, 2008
Liverpool 8
On January 15 (January 14 internationally), Ringo Starr will release Liverpool 8, his first new album with Capitol/EMI since 1974's Goodnight Vienna. Liverpool 8 will be available worldwide on CD and digitally, and the album's title track will debut as a digital single on December 4. Starr will launch the album with a hometown performance on January 12 to commence Liverpool's 2008 Capital of Culture celebrations.

Liverpool 8, also the title of the album's upbeat, vibrant lead track, "refers to the section of Liverpool where I used to live," explains Ringo. "The song was actually Dave Stewart's idea, as a mini autobiographical travelogue: 'I was a sailor first... ' and then, 'Liverpool I left you' -- because I did. 'but I never let you down,' which is true."

Although Starr and Stewart have known each other for years, this is the first time they have collaborated. It began when Dave asked Ringo to lay down some drums on a track Stewart had done with George Harrison. "After I did the drums I asked Dave to add some guitars to my album, which Mark Hudson and I were working on at Mark's Whatinthewhathe? Studio in LA. After Mark and I parted ways, Dave and I took over producing the record," Starr said. Then added in his trademark wit, "and that's why the credits say: Produced by Ringo Starr and Mark Hudson and Over-produced by Ringo Starr and Dave Stewart."

Liverpool 8's 12 original tracks were all co-written by Starr and were recorded in England and in California. "The writing of the records is always the same," Ringo explains, "it's the same group of guys and we all sit together and write about what's happening." That "group of guys" who joined Starr on the album's songwriting and recording are (in alphabetical order): Gary Burr, Steve Dudas, Mark Hudson, Sean Hurley, Zac Rae, and Dave Stewart.

Since beginning his career in the 1960s with The Beatles, Ringo Starr has been one of the world's brightest musical luminaries. Starr has enjoyed a successful and dynamic solo career as a singer, songwriter and drummer, an active musical collaborator, and as an actor. Drawing inspiration from classic blues, soul, country, honky-tonk and rock 'n' roll, Starr continues to play an important role in modern music with his solo recording and touring. His last studio album, Choose Love, was released in 2005.

Ringo has said that as time goes on there is more and more of his personality in his music, and the songs on Liverpool 8 feel personal. Starr's candor, wit and soul are evident in the lyrics and the heartbeat of every song; I always followed my heart and I never missed a beat. Peace and love are Ringo Starr's primary life beats, and Liverpool 8 propels this universal message in each of its evocative songs, which are imbued with joy, insight, reflection and wisdom from the music icon the world knows and loves simply as 'Ringo.'

Track listing:
01. Liverpool 8
02. Think About You
03. For Love
04. Now That She's Gone Away
05. Gone Are The Days
06. Give It A Try
07. Tuff Love
08. Harry's Song
09. Pasodobles
10. If It's Love That You Want
11. Love Is
12. R U Ready?

Ringo Starr: " Ringo Starr Live at Soundstage" CD: October 23, 2007
Ringo Starr Live at Soundstage CD
Filmed and recorded at the Genessee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois, this outstanding performance was captured on August 25, 2005, when Ringo Starr taped a show for the celebrated PBS concert series "Soundstage."

Track List:
01. With A Little Help From My Friends (Billy Shears intro)/It Don't Come Easy
02. Octopus' Garden
03. Choose Love
04. I Wanna Be Your Man
05. Don't Pass Me By
06. I'm The Greatest
07. Memphis In Your Mind
08. Photograph
09. Never Without You
10. Back Off Boogaloo
11. Boys
12. Yellow Submarine
13. Act Naturally
14. With A Little Help From My Friends

Starr's EMI catalog will be available in digital form for the first time on a global basis on August 28, 2007. Fans will be able to purchase Starr's EMI catalog works from all of EMI's digital distribution partners, and the titles will also be part of EMI's premium download offering (free of digital rights management and in a higher-quality bit rate) from participating retailers.

Ringo Starr: "Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo Starr CD & DVD: August 28, 2007
radio special promoting the CD release
Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo Starr
Disc 1 (CD):
01. Photograph (1973)
02. It Don't Come Easy (1971)
03. You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful And You're Mine) (1973)
04. Back Off Boogaloo (1972)
05. I'm The Greatest (1973)
06. Oh My My (1973)
07. Only You (And You Alone) (1974)
08. Beaucoups Of Blues (1970)
09. Early 1970 (1971)
10. Snookeroo (1974)
11. No-No Song (1974)
12. (It's All Down To) Goodnight Vienna (1974)
13. *Hey Baby (1976)
14. *Weight Of The World (1993)
15. *A Dose Of Rock 'N' Roll (1976)
16. *King Of Broken Hearts (1998)
17. Never Without You (2003)
18. Act Naturally (with Buck Owens) (1989)
19. Wrack My Brain (1981)
20. Fading In and Fading Out (2005)

*Photograph: The Digital Greatest Hits (iTunes digital version alternate tracks):
13. Oo-Wee (1974)
14. Have You Seen My Baby (1973)
15. Six O'Clock [extended version] (1973)
16. Weight Of The World (1993)

Disc 2 (DVD):
Sentimental Journey (1970 promotional film)
It Don't Come Easy (1971 promotional film)
Back Off Boogaloo (1972 promotional film)
You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful And You're Mine) (1978 excerpt from "Ringo" TV Special, a.k.a. Ognir Rrats)
Only You (And You Alone) (1974 promotional film)
Act Naturally (with Buck Owens) (1989 music video)
Goodnight Vienna (1974 promotional film for album)
thanks to

Review: As far as the audio quality goes, it is excellent throughout, with the most notable improvement being on the "Goodnight Vienna" album tracks. Note that the Goodnight Vienna single edit appears for the first time on CD in this collection. The only two criticisms I can make with the audio tracks is that the single edit of Oh My My should have been used here (about a minute shorter - the album version just runs too ling) since it's never been issued on CD, and the other is that 2 more tracks could have been included. "Heart On My Sleeve" is a great track and would have been the best representative for the "Bad Boy" album, and lastly, "La De Da" should not have been left out, as it was a heavily promoted single that is one of Ringo's best tracks from the past decade.

Now for the DVD... Sentimental Journey looks very grainy and the original soundtrack with Ringo's live vocal is gone. I suppose there was no way to preserve the live vocal since it was part of a mono mix. I guess the multi-tracks couldn't be located to remix to stereo. It Don't Come Easy is fuzzy looking (I guess the original film wasn't such high quality, or only a copy was used) and the speed of the audio still runs too fast. I don't see why the whole promo film couldn't be slowed down. Back Off Boogaloo looks decent and You're Sixteen is okay with the studio recording replacing the audio from the Ringo TV special (which is understandable). The two Goodnight Vienna films look very good here and of course the video with Buck Owens from 1989 looks excellent coming from much more recent technology than the '70s 16mm films. Some omissions that would have been nice to have here would have been the Hey Baby and Wrack My Brain promo films.

Early 1970 PS
Now for the CD booklet... The layout, concept and design are excellent, and most of Ringo's comments are interesting. His story about why he doesn't perform You're Sixteen live anymore is particularly funny. Perhaps if he changed it to "You're Sixty"! Each song has charting information from the U.S. and U.K. and a copy of each single is shown in its original sleeve. One omission however is that there is no sleeve shown for Early 1970 (see above for image). There is also an error in the credits for No No Song where Ringo is credited twice for drums and percussion.
Tom Brennan, September 9, 2007

Ringo Starr: "Choose Love" CD & DVD (single & dual disc releases): June 7, 2005
Choose Love CD

Ringo Starr (T-Rex): "Born To Boogie" DVD (with many Marc Bolan/T. Rex extras): June 7, 2005
Born To Boogie special edition DVD

Apple Records artists
Badfinger Library by Tom Brennan
The Official Billy Preston website
Mary Hopkin International site
The New Mary Hopkin Friendly Society

Mary Hopkin: "Live at the Royal Festival Hall, 1972" CD: September, 2005
Mary Hopkin Live at the Royal Festival Hall, 1972 CD
Track listing:
Once I Had A Sweetheart
Ocean Song
Streets Of London
Aderyn Pur
If I Fell
Silver Dagger
Donna Donna
Those Were The Days
Earth Song
Morning Has Broken
Both Sides Now

Apple has repressed most of the CDs that were originally released in the early '90s. One appears to be new (Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan-In Concert 1972). The Iveys album and the Badfinger Apple albums were re-released in the U.K. on May 24, 2004. No release dates have been announced for the U.S. All CDs are the same as previously issued.

Here is a summary of the U.K. reissues:

March 24, 2003:
James Taylor by James Taylor

December 1, 2003:
That's The Way God Planned It by Billy Preston
Under The Jasmine Tree by Modern Jazz Quartet
Space by Modern Jazz Quartet
The Radha Krsna Temple by The Radha Krsna Temple London

December 29, 2003:
Encouraging Words by Billy Preston
Earth Song-Ocean Song by Mary Hopkin

January 5, 2004:
Postcard by Mary Hopkin

March 15, 2004:
Doris Troy by Doris Troy

May 24, 2004:
Maybe Tomorrow by The Iveys
Magic Christian Music by Badfinger
No Dice by Badfinger
Straight Up by Badfinger
Ass by Badfinger
In Concert 1972 by Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan

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